Lijiang Lishui Jinsha Grand Performance

Lishui Jinsha is a grand tourism Performance of Lijiang. It makes full use of modern art and manifestation skill, through the beautiful dance vocabulary, exciting music tunes, colorful ethnic costumes, stereo grand dance scene and superb lighting effects to greatly enhance the performance force of the folk dance and create the new manifestations of folk dance, which gives a strong artistic impact and shocking to the audiences.

Lishui Jinsha chooses to take the most representative images of all ethnic cultural in the form of poetry and dance performance, becoming another bright spot of Lijiang. Lishui Jinsha” is divided into four fields: “order”, “water”, “mountain “and “love.” With forms of poetry and dance, Lishui Jinsha Grand Performance mixed shows the unique Plateau ethnic culture of Northwest Yunnan, and the immortal absolute cultural treasures of ancient Naxi kingdom, choose to take the most representative of all ethnic groups in Lijiang cultural image, all-round Lijiang show unique and broad national culture and national spirit, Which gives a comprehensive showing of Lijiang’s unique and broad national culture and national spirit.

In Lishui Jinsha Grand Performance, act I–“water”, leisurely Dai girl with water tenderness, let you into the peaceful and harmonious paradise; Act II –“mountain”,demonstrate beautiful ethnic style with multi-angle and multi-dimensional;Act III, “love”, the performance of the most representative of Lijiang marriage culture, Marriage Custom of “living with mother’s family”.

Lishui Jinsha Grand Performance is a wonderful show to understand the interesting facts about the ethnic groups in Lijiang. A foreign professor of Beijing Dance Academy once praised that Lishui Jinsha is China’s “Broadway”. You should not miss the show if you travel to Lijiang.

Show Time:

The performance lasts about 1.5 hours, and it is usually showed 4 times a day, the times are 15:20; 17:40; 19:30; 21:20 respectively.


Lijiang International Ethnic Cultural Exchange Centre