Shaping Monday Market in Dali

Shaping Monday Market

Shaping Market, (About 30km north of Dali). Shaping Town offers a lively weekly market with plenty of local color. The market starts early. A great chance to see local farmers out in force and literally watch plenty of horse trading. Not much to buy (unless you are a farmer) but gives a feel for like in a small country town. You can get close to local life, also their culture.

Why is Shaping Market so special?

It is the good place for travelers to experience the local custom. You can view the true life of local people, not a show. There are many local products and traditional crafts. The long-historical Shaping market is ratified by the government of Yunnan province to trade cultural relics inferior to the third class.

Where is Shaping Market?

Shaping Market is located in the north of the Butterfly Spring, at the foot of the Mt. Cangshan, and off the north bank of Erhai. Shaping Town is 30 km from Dali Ancient Town.

How to get to Shaping Market?

It has a convenient transportation for the Dali highway, Zhenzang highway and the Huanhai highway combine right there. Travelers can take the regular bus to Eryuan at the western gate of Dali Ancient Town or 214 Road, 5 yuan for ticket.What to see in Shaping Market

What to see in Shaping Market

Experiencing the life of the locals is an indispensable part of the in-depth tour. What kind of car the locals take, what kind of car we take; what the locals eat, we have to try our best to taste. From fruits and vegetables to tie-dye embroidery, from stalls to shaving and repairing shoes, the market will show you the diverse goods. When you are mixed in with the Bai people and the white dresses of Apeng(men of Bai people) and Golden Flowers (women of Bai people), you get closer to Dali.

Shaping Monday Market in Dali

Multitudinous curios, jade article, embroider and tie-dyeing works are sold here, alluring many tourists around the country and abroad. Therefore, it got the reputation of “the foreigners’ street”. In addition, if one wants to travel from to Lijiang or Shangti-la, he has to pass Shaping Market. Each year, more than 10 million tourists pass by the Shaping Market. If you like shopping, do not hesitate to walking around the busy Monday market.

Best Time to Visit

Dali Ancient Town is a very comfortable and leisure site which can be visited all year round. There is a saying going “Good Scenery is the month of March”. March to April is the best time to visit Dali Ancient City. If you want to enjoy Bai’s grand festival, you can come in the beautiful spring and catch the rare chance to join in March Fair. If you just want to see this market, every Monday is available.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The market is on every Monday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you want to buy something, please get up early and get to street early.
  2. When the weather is fine in Dali, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.
  3. Respect local custom and local culture.
  4. It is advisable to taste the local bean curd and some snacks.