Entertainment around Lugu Lake in Lijiang

The only night time activity in town is this one where the people of the town, wearing their traditional costume, dance around a fire and sing some Muosuo songs. It’s fun to see and worth the 10RMB.

Every night there is an organized party, in the traditional Mosul manner. This is a tourist attraction as it is specifically put on for tourists. The cost is about 10 yuan to enter. If you wish to wear one of the traditional costumes, it is another 10 yuan. 

These parties are filled with dancing and music, and are held at night. This is the only thing to do at night, so it is something to do one of your evenings at Lugu Hu

Take a walk

There was even a great monastery (Tibetan) at the top of a hill. It was a small monastery and only about 5 monks lived there. It did not seem to be a place that was regularly visited by tourists (probably because the walk up the peak is a little strenuous). walk up the hill and went inside the temple, then one of the monks started playing an special instrument (like a drum) and sang very loud. It was awesome.

Later that day go to a village and were invited into someone’s home. This minority in particular is very poor and quite isolated from the rest of China and the outside world. So of course they were very interested in foreigners, because they only have seen only a few white people in the whole lives. They were great hosts and gave you tea, potatoes

The whole point is to take a long stroll around the lake and through the villages because you will meet great people who are just as interested in you and are likely to invite you into their homes for food, drink, and conversation. It is also a must if you want to understand how the Mosul people live their daily lives.

Entrance ticket

Entrance ticket for Lugu Lake Tourism Zone: 100 yuan/person

Boating lines

Luoshui Village – Xiwa’e Island

Luoshui Village – Liwubi Island

Luoshui Village – Caohai Lake

Luoshui Village – circle a round

Luoshui Village – Zhaojiawan Lake

Luoshui Village – Xiwa’e Island – Liwubi Island

Entertainment – Play at Lugu Lake

Ride horse

200-300 yuan for horse ride around the lake.

Goddess Mountain cableway

90 yuan/person, up and down

Bonfire evening party

Ticket: 30 yuan/person

Time: 8:30pm every evening

Location: Daluoshui village, Xiaoluoshui village, Nisai village, Lige village

Ethnic performance

Theme: Memory of Love – Step into Mosuo matriarchal big family

Location: Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center


Location: Luoshui Village

Hot spring

Location: Yongning Hot Spring Village

Reservation call

For the above activities, any visitor can call 0888-5881280 for reservation.