Baoshan Stone Town Climate

Baoshan Stone Town is located at the eastern foot of yak mountain, the northeast branch of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and above the steep slope on the west bank of Jinsha river. The average elevation is 1720 meters above sea level, and the highest height in the town is 1750 meters. 

1. Climate of Baoshan Stone Town

Baoshan Stone Town, surrounded by valleys of the Jinsha River that flows through the valley mountains and steep, has good light and heat conditions. It belongs to Stone Mountain area, with high mountain, steep slope, deep valley and ravines and gullies criss-cross. The climate of Baoshan Stone Town integrates the three-dimensional changes of hot and humid river valleys, mid-levels and alpine mountains, with an average annual temperature of 11.6 degrees and annual precipitation of 500-1000 mm. It's cold on the mountain and hot in the valley. 

2.Best Time To Visit

Autumn is the most beautiful season of Baoshan Stone Town. The sky is clear and the world is colorful here. In the winter and spring, we can see the snow scene that of the most beautiful four seasons. Summer is the rainy season of Baoshan Stone Town, which is not recommended to come.

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