Sibeihou Village in Shilin County, Kunming

The Development of Sibeihou Village

Yunnan Naigu Stone Forest(乃古石林) was opened to the public in April 2010, but there were few supporting service facilities, such as catering, accommodation, leisure and entertainment, and few tourists.  After the investigation, Kunming Shilin county committee, and the government decided to merge Naigu Stone Forest with the adjacent Sibeihou Village(寺背后村) and Shifeng Temple(石峰寺) to promote mutual prosperity and development. Sibeihou Village of Naigu Stone Forest is a typical Yi village, because it relies on the traditional farming production for a long time, the economic development is relatively backward. However, with obvious regional advantages, profound ethnic culture, and beautiful natural environment, it has a good endowment of developing rural tourism. Today, Sibeihou Village is verdant, clean and tidy, and the village looks peaceful and beautiful inside and outside. In 2014, Sibeihou Village of Hemozhan(和摩站) village committee, Shilin County was named as one of the first batch of “characteristic villages of ethnic minority in China” by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Where is Sibeihou Village

Sibeihou Village(寺背后村) is located in the northwest of Shilin County, Kunming, 2 kilometers away from the Hemozhan(和摩站) village committee and 20 kilometers away from Shilin County. It covers an area of 4.66 square kilometers, 1825 meters above the sea level. Annual average temperature is of 14.5 ℃, and annual rainfall of 850 mm, Sibeihou Village is suitable for the cultivation of crops.

Nearby Attractions

Stone Forest
Large Stone Forest in Shilin County

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit is from March to October. Most ethnic festivals are celebrated during this time, and travelers can also appreciate various flowers. 

How to Get There

Bus and train are main means of transportation from Kunming to Shilin County. Stone Forest Scenic Area is about 11 kilometers from Sibeihou Village(寺背后村), you can take a taxi or minibus.

1. By Bus 

Stone Forest is 78 kilometers from Kunming. Travelers can take buse at bus stations from Kunming to Stone Forest Scenic Area. In addition, there are travel buses from Kunming Changshui International Airport, and it takes about 2 hours.

Kunming East Bus Station-Stone Forest Scenic Area

Departure Time: 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 17:30

Price: 34 CNY

Distance: 84 Kilometers

Consume Time: About 1.5 hours

2. By Train

There is a railway station in Shilin County, named Shilin West Railway Station. Departing from Shilin West Railway Station, it is about 32 kilometers to Sibeihou Village, about 45 minutes.

Kunming South Railway Station-Shilin West Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:54, 8:28, 10:39, 12:16, 13:06, 17:10, 19:10

Price: 18 CNY

Distance: About 60 Kilometers

Consume Time: 20 minutes

Kunming Railway Station-Shilin West Railway Station

Departure Time: 10:36, 13:35, 13:52, 17:12

Price: 28.5 CNY

Distance: 108 Kilometers

Consume Time: 48 minutes

Accommodation at Sibeihou Village

Travelers can stay overnight in Shilin County after visit, and there are some 3-star hotels in the county. However, most travelers choose to go back to Kunming for accommodation. Kunming has more choices for travelers and it’s more convenient to transfer to your next destination from Kunming.

Useful Travel Tips

1. June 24th in Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional Torch Festival of Yi people.

2. The entrance ticket for the Stone Forest is ¥175/person. The ticket for cable car in the scenic area is ¥25/person. The dance show in the scenic area is free.

3. You can pay a visit to stone forest first, then go to Sibeihou village(寺背后村). You can experience Yi ethnic culture and taste local food here.

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