Baoshan Stone Town Travel Tips

1.Useful Numbers

• Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120

 Lijiang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0888-5173081

• Tourism Complaint: 0888-5123432

2. Post Office and Bank

There is no post office and bank that can exchange money located in Baoshan Stone Town. So it is better to change the money in the China Bank of Lijiang City. The nearest post office could be found in the base of Baoshan Towwnship.

3. Hospital

No hospital stands in the Baoshan Stone Town. So take the necessary medicine with you.

4. Safety Concern

It is highly recommended to travel with people who have been there. It is a bit troublesome to reach. 

Furthermore, there are so much 

5. Featured Activity

If time and energy allows, you can go hiking from Baoshan Stone Town to Lugu Lake(Yongning). This is a hiking trail in the Jinsha river gorge, longer and harder than that in Tiger Leaping Gorge. It's a great hiking trail.

It is also a good choice to appreciate the starry sky in the stone town.

6. Transportation Concern

If you rent a car to Baoshan Stone Town, set off before 06:00 am. Thus you'll have more time to visit this town and also appreciate the sunrise of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

7. Best Time to Visit

Autumn is the most beautiful season of Baoshan Stone Town. The sky is clear and the world is colorful here. In the winter and spring, we can see the snow scene that of the most beautiful four seasons. Summer is the rainy season of Baoshan Stone Town, which is not recommended to come.

8.What to Pack

• Sunlight is very strong in the whole Yunnan Province, wear sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and sun block, etc. 

Take the necessary medicine with you.

 Bring plenty of clothes. The temperature difference between day and night is very large.

9. Baoshan Stone Town is suitable for you, if you...

Although Baoshan Stone Town boasts spectacular and stunning scenery, there are three kinds of tourists who are not suitable.

This place is not suitable for carsick tourists. Due to the inconvenient transportation and bad road to Baoshan Stone town, tourist will take a long drive and maybe get carsick.

• This place is not suitable for neat freak tourists. Mules are the main labor force of this village and the families raise pigs. So, you know, this village is a little bit of  "tasty”.

This place is not suitable for materialistic tourists. Baoshan Stone Town is a remote mountain village, the dining and accommodation here is just barely satisfactory. So be ready to have a hard life during the travel.