Kunming to Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Transportation: by Train, Flight and Bus

Yuanyang County is located in Honghe Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southern part of Yunnan Province, which is about 205 kilometers away from the provincial capital City – Kunming. Yuanyang is famous for the appealing natural and agricultural splendors – rice terraces around the villages in the mountains further up from Xinjie. Below we introduce you some information about how to get to Yuanyang from Kunming. If you want to visit Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces, you must arrive in Nansha Town of Yuanyang County first, and then change the minibus or shuttle bus to Xinjie Town, Shengcun Village Panzhihua Town, Niujiaozhai Town etc.

How to Get to Yuanyang County

By Air

At present, there is no airport and flights serving in Yuanyang County. Yuanyang airport is under construction and scheduled to be completed by 2019. By then, flying from Kunming to Yuanyang only needs 1 hour.

By Train

There is also no trains connecting Kunming and Yuanyang. Tourists can take train to Jianshui or Mengzi and then transfer to Yuanyang by bus. There are about 2 daily trains from Kunming Railway Station to Jianshui Railway Station, a three-hour journey with one departing at 12:30 and another at 16:08. From Kunming to Mengzi by train will cost about 4 hours and 4 trains are available for your choice(departure at 07:45, 11:02, 12:30, 15:41). 

By Bus


Long-distance bus is the main way getting to Yuanyang from Kunming. There are two bus stations serving in Yuanyang, namely Nansha Bus Station and Xinjie Bus Station. And from Kunming to Yuanyang County , it takes 6-7 hours. 

Currently three direct buses from Kunming South Bus Station(or Kunming Nanbu Bus Station) to Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station everyday. The first one departs from Kunming South Bus Station at about 10:20, and the next shifts are 12:30, 18:00. 


Tourists can catch a bus departing from Kunming East Bus Station between 7:30 am – 7:00 pm to Gejiu, which takes about 4-5 hours (300km). Then take another 3-hour bus from Gejiu to Yuanyang County.


At Kunming South Bus Station, tourists can take 4-hour long-distance bus from Kunming to Jianshui first. Buses leave every half hour between 7:30 to 16:30, then 17:10, 17:55. Jianshui is a popular tourist destination of Yunnan due to its profound culture. Then take another 3-hour bus to Yuanyang County.


At Kunming East Station, there are about 10 buses running from Kunming to Mengzi. Then take another 3-hour coach to Yuanyang County.


1. The timetable is only for reference. Contact our travel consultant for the latest information of transportation between Kunming and Yuanyang.
2. Yuanyang Xinjie Town is much closer to Hani Rice Terraces.
3. Due to the long-distance between Kunming and Yuanyang, Jianshui is a good stop for sightseeing.

How to Get to Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces from Yuanyang County (Nansha Town) 
Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces are distributed in all of the towns of Yuanyang County, here are the transportation details fom Nansha Town to 13 towns of Yuanyang County.
Nansha Town(南沙镇)-Xinjie Town(新街镇)
Nansha Town-Xinjie Town(牛角寨乡)
Nansha Town-Shalatuo Town(沙拉托乡)
Nansha Town-Ganiang Town(嘎娘乡)
Nansha Town-Shangxincheng Town(上新城乡)
Nansha Town-Fengchunling Town(逢春岭乡)
Nansha Town-Xiaoxinjie Town(小新街乡)
Nansha Town-Majie Town(马街乡)
Nansha Town-Ezha Town(俄扎乡)
Nansha Town-Huangmaoling Town(黄茅岭乡)
Nansha Town-Huangcaoling Town(黄草岭乡)
Nansha Town-Panzhihua Town(攀枝花乡)
Nansha Town-Daping Town(大坪乡)