Wild Mushroom Festival in Shiping County, Honghe

Chinese Name:石屏县野生菌节
English Name: Wild Mushroom Festival in Shiping County, Honghe
Date: 6 August
Place: Longpeng Town, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture
Longpeng is located in the north part of Shiping County; it is dubbed as the “Hometown of Huayao Yi Ethnic Yanhe Dance” and “Hometown of Wild Mushrooms”. The annual mushroom output of the town is as many as 3,000 tonnes, worth 120 million yuan (appr. $18.81 mn)

Wild Mushroom in Yunnan
Wild Mushroom in Yunnan

Longpeng, located in the northern part of Shiping County, is renowned as the “Hometown of Huayao Yi Ethnic Yanhe Dance” and “Hometown of Wild Mushrooms”. Annually, the town produces up to 3,000 tonnes of mushrooms valued at approximately 120 million yuan ($18.81 million).

The “Shilin County Longpeng Wild Mushroom Cultural Tourism Festival and Gu Yushi·Hai Caiqiang·Yanhe Dance Ethnic Cultural Festival” kicks off every year during the rainy season when mushrooms are ripe in Longpeng Town, Shiping County. The festival features signature activities like the mass Yanhe Dance involving thousands of participants, attracting nearly ten thousand visitors to Longpeng to join in the festivities.

Themed as “Song and Dance Homeland, Stone and Mushroom Fun”, the festival includes ethnic song and dance performances, the collective Yanhe Dance, charity auctions, and the inaugural Gu Yushi Forum. Performances by Li Huaixiu, Li Huaifu, and the Cultural Heritage Transmission Institute include the Hai Caiqiang and Yanhe Dance, showcasing rich traditional ethnic charm. Singers like Zhe Jianzhou, Gao Hongzhang, and Shama Xuefeng present over ten ethnic songs including “Impression of Ailao”, “Dage”, and “Huayao Girl”, highlighting Longpeng’s colorful ethnic culture and millennia-old agrarian heritage.

Along the road from Longpeng Town’s airplane house to the government square, nearly a thousand local farmers from 12 representative teams including Qingshuitang Village Committee and Liu Street Village Committee, dressed in ethnic costumes and carrying “Yanhe” instruments, play the Longtou four-string and perform the Yanhe Dance, prompting tourists along the way to join in the celebration. The festive atmosphere and ethnic charm span nearly one kilometer.

Longpeng Town continues to host commercial activities with merchants and traders from various regions setting up a commercial street to showcase and sell products such as wild mushrooms, local delicacies, and ethnic artifacts.

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