Shiping County Dining

Due to the difference of territories and weather conditions, there come the different diet customs and the colorful and distinctive regional cuisines. Shiping County dining includes some local flavors, which can leave you a unforgettable memory.

What to Eat in Shiping County

1. Shiping Roasting Tofu石屏烧豆腐

Shiping roasting tofu is a flavor snack of Shiping County, each about 20 grams. The so-called roasting tofu is actually a small type of stinky tofu, "it smells not so good, but taste very good".

2. Shiping Thin Sheets of Bean Curd石屏豆腐皮

Thin sheets of bean curd is a soyabean product, which has enjoyed a good reputation for a long time. As recorded in Shiping County History, its production began in the early Ming dynasty, and flourished in the late Qing dynasty. Made from high-quality soyabean, thin sheets of bean curd is the best choice to entertain guests for local people.

3. Authentic Shiping Octahedral Fried Fish石屏八面煎鱼

Authentic Shiping octahedral fried fish has a history of several hundred years. Its main ingredients are freshwater carp and carassius fresh fish from Yilong Lake and Baoxiu Chirui Lake(赤瑞湖) in shiping County of Yunnan Province. So-called octahedral is a imaginary number, it is not easy to count eight sides of the fried fish.

4. Yilong Lake Hairy Crab石屏异龙湖大闸蟹

In comparision, Yunnan hairy crab is smaller than Jiangsu hairy crab. However, in terms of meat quality and quantity of crab cream, the meat quality of Shiping hairy crabs is more delicious because of the good water quality of Yilong lake.

5. Shiping Lychee Crisp石屏荔枝酥

Shiping Lychee Crisp is a famous special food made in Shiping county, Yunnan province. Its appearance is small and exquisite, it got the name because its shape and color are similar to lychee.

Where to Eat in Shiping County

1. Tofu Booth豆腐摊

Address: Farmer's Market, Baxin Town, Shiping County石屏县坝心镇农贸市场

Actually, in Shiping, it is not difficult to find a tofu stand since people there love tofu so much.

2. Chen Restaurant陈记饭庄

Address: Hubin Road, Shiping County石屏县湖滨路

Tel: 13649626952

3. Shiping Yongjian Restaurant石屏县永健餐厅

Address: Shijia Lane, Hubin Road, Shiping County石屏县湖滨路史家巷

Tel: 0873-4847427

4. Wulixiang Restaurant五里香饭店

Address: Hubin Road, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇湖滨路

Tel: 13887382777

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