The Cherry Culture Festival in Ludian County, Zhaotong

The Cherry Culture Festival in Ludian County, Zhaotong

Ludian Xiaozhai Cherry Culture Tourism Festival(鲁甸小寨樱桃文化旅游节) was founded in 2006. After years of hard work, Ludian Xiaozhai Cherry Culture Tourism Festival has finally become a gorgeous name card of the city’s pastoral ecological leisure tour, “Ludian Cherry” and “Xiaozhai Cherry” (鲁甸樱桃)”The brand image has come out of Ludian.

Ludian County(鲁甸县) is located in the northeastern part of Yunnan Province. It is famous for its unique cherries, especially famous for Xiaozhai cherry. Xiaozhai cherry has been lasted more than 300 years, with an annual output of more than 300,000 kilograms every year. The flowers are white with red faint and the fruit is close to the pear-like shape. The fruit is red and juicy, with lot of flesh and stones are small, and sweet flavour. Selling well in Zhaotong, Kunming, Sichuan and other places of china . Every year from mid-April to May, the banks of the river valley in Xiaozhai(小寨乡) are full of red cherries. Visitors can not only enjoy the sights in the cherries, but also go in the cherry garden & explore by themselves. During the rainy season, Xiaozhai’s cherries are ripe. The cherry fruit is round, red, shiny. The taste is sweet and sour, and it is so delicious. From the perspective of sight or taste, cherry is the best in fruit.

In the natural state, the cherry is the first fruit which deliver delicacy to our world and won the reputation of “the first branch of the fresh fruit in the world”(“天下鲜果第一枝”). The delicious of the cherry not only the fruit but the shape is good, it also has rich nutrition. Through scientific analysis, cherries can be used for beauty. It also very popular with girls. The cherries are matured before most of the fruit, give us delicious is good for tasting, also can prevent some diseases. Therefore, throughout the ages, countless scholars praised cherry by writing poem and painting cherry. In the folk, during cherry ripening season, people celebrate the cherry festival, offering sacrifice to the gods, All of people also wear colorful dress, singing and dancing. Going to the cherry forest, you can taste the fresh fruit, and also can enjoy the view, It is very lively.

Festival origin

Through the organization of the “Cherry Culture Tourism Festival”, Ludian inherits the ancient tradition and also develops lot nowadays. Xiaozhai has built a 10km cherry corridor along the river, a 10km vegetable corridor, and a 10km green ornamental corridor.

The first Cherry Culture Tourism Festival is held every year in Ludian, attracting nearly 10,000 tourists to pick cherries. The County Cultural Square held a large literary show of “The Feast of Spring”. Famous singers Jiang Dawei(蒋大为), Yang Hongji(杨洪基) and Li Danyang(李丹阳) came to the show. Since then, the annual Cherry Culture Tourism Festival attract a large number of tourists to Ludian for fresh fruit, snacks and farmer culture. Xiaozhai Cherry has become most distinctive and influential cultural tourism and industrial business card of Ludian.


Ludian held the Cherry Culture Tourism Festival, which aims to fully demonstrate the good momentum of economic and social development, the good spirit of all ethnic groups and the unique charm of the cherry culture tourism industry, create a “cultural Ludian” and promote the Ludian culture. The prosperity and development of the tourism industry. During the festival, activities such as “Ludian under the lens” and “Red Cherry Carnival Night”(“红樱桃狂欢夜”) will be held.

Translated By Baima Quzong/白玛曲宗