Shiping County Accommodation

In Shiping County, finding a favorable hotel to stay is not a problem, and tourists can stay at the hotels which are in the surrounding counties, like Jianshui County and Honghe County. Here are some hotels in Shiping County.

Hotels in Shiping County

1. Shiping Tianyi Hotel石屏天逸酒店

Address: Jishi(Jijie-Shiping) Express Highway, Shiping County石屏县鸡石高速路

Tel: 0873-4851777

Starting Price: 296 CNY

2. Shiping Mingdian Holiday Hotel石屏名典假日酒店

Address: Near Zhouya Old Street, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇州衙老街旁

Tel: 0873-4846188/0873-4846199

Starting Price: 124 CNY

3. Shiping Jianyuan Hotel石屏建源酒店

Address: Near Gaochong Reservoir, Shiping County石屏县高冲水库

Tel: 0873-4863877

Starting Price: 260 CNY

4. Longyun Yangshenggu石屏龙韵养生谷

Address: Close to 216 Provincial Road, Zhuyuanlin District, Longpeng Town, Shiping County石屏县龙朋镇竹园林区 ,近216省道

Tel: 0873-4919888

Starting Price: 166 CNY

5. Tianyuan Hotel石屏天源酒店

Address: No.31, Xishan Road, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇西山路31号

Tel: 0873-4853456

Starting Price: 179 CNY

6. Yunti Hotel石屏云梯酒店

Address: 石屏县异龙镇西山路30号

Tel: 0873-4854766

Starting Price: 79 CNY

7. Shuiyunju Hostel石屏水云居客栈

Address: No.2, Beizheng Street, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇北正街2号

Tel: 0873-4855555

Starting Price: 481 CNY

8. Shiping Tongxin Hotel石屏同心宾馆

Address: No.7, Huiyuan Road, Shiping County石屏县汇源路7号

Tel: 0873-4848889

Starting Price: 88 CNY

9. Shiping Jinbi Hotel石屏金碧宾馆

Address: No.11, Huiyuan Road, Shiping County石屏县汇源路11号

Tel: 0873-4857798

Starting Price: 65 CNY

10. Shiping Yuanhe Hotel石屏缘和宾馆

Address: Huiyuan Road, Shiping County石屏县汇源路

Tel: 0873-4856339

Starting Price: 68 CNY

Hotels in the Surrounding Counties

1. Jianshui Changyuan Hotel建水昌源大酒店

Address: No.645, Jianshui Avenue, Jianshui County建水县建水大道645号

Tel: 0873-7621888

The Distance to Shiping County: 33.9 kilometers

2. Jianshui Sofia Holiday Hotel建水索菲亚假日酒店

Address: No.109, Chaoyang North Road, Jianshui County建水县朝阳北路109号

Tel: 0873-7690000

The Distance to Shiping County: 34.2 kilometers

3. Jianshui Home Inn建水如家快捷酒店

Address: No.105, Yingen Road, Jianshui County建水县迎恩路105号

Tel: 0873-7622222

The Distance to Shiping County: 34.2 kilometers

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