Shiping County Shopping

Shiping County shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where you can buy these specialties in Shiping County. Due to sufficient sunshine and rainfall, Shiping County has the advantage of developing tropical and subtropical crops of high quality. If you travel around Shiping County, do not forget to buy some local specialties as souvenirs. 

What to Buy in Shiping County

1. Shiping Tofu石屏豆腐

Shiping tofu is the well-known local specialty in Shiping county of Yunnan province. Since its appearance in the early Ming dynasty, it has a history of more than 600 years, and is known for its high quality and excellent taste.

2. Shiping Bayberry石屏杨梅

In Shiping county, May belongs to bayberry. The soil and climate characteristics are suitable for the growth bayberry. Therefore, the fruit of bayberry in Shiping is large, sweet and slightly sour, very delicious, deeply loved by people. Every year, during the ripening time of bayberry, tourists from Kunming, Yuxi and other places visit Shiping and taste bayberry there.

3. Shiping Orange石屏柑桔

The fruit of Shiping orange is large and rich, juicy and sweet. In particular, ponkan, navel orange, beehive orange and other varieties of high quality are most prominent, which has won the first prize in the national food exposition twice.

4. Shiping Red Kiwi Fruit红心猕猴桃

In 2015, China's famous new agricultural product, kiwi fruit, known as the "king of fruits" and "the crown of vitamin C", red heart kiwi fruit is the top choice among kiwi varieties. It has the functions of improving myocardial function and having good curative effect and health care effect on prevention and treatment of heart disease and inhibition of cholesterol deposition.

5. Shiping Nadao Chilli石屏那刀辣

Grown in Nadao Village of Niujie Town, Shiping County, Nadao Chilli is a unique and rare Chili. It is one of the local specialties in Shiping County, and it has enjoyed a good reputation for a long time as good seasoning of dining.

6. Huayao Yi Costume花腰彝族服饰

Huayao Yi is a part of Yi's Nisu branch in Longwu and Shaochong Town, the north cold mountain area of Shiping County, Honghe Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, with more than 30,000 people. The origin of Huayao Yi's appellation is related to their colorful and dazzling costume and embroidery waistband. The traditional costume of Huayao Yi is exquisite in workmanship. It usually takes 3-4 years for a skillful girl to finish a suit.

Where to Buy in Shiping County

1. New Century Shopping Center新世纪商业中心

Address: The Crossroad of Tianzhu Street and Huanwen Road, Shiping County 石屏县天竺街与焕文路交叉口

2. Yilong Living Square异龙生活广场

Address: No.6-11, Yunquan Road, Shiping County石屏县云泉路6-11号

3. Hengtai Wanjia Shopping Mall恒泰万家购物广场

Address: No.56, Huanwen Road, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇焕文路56号

4. Xinduchang Commercial Mall新都昌商业广场

Address: Xishan Road, Yilong Town, Shiping County石屏县异龙镇西山路

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