Shiping County Culture

Shiping county is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities make up over 50% of the whole population. The minorities also formed the unique ethnic customs of Shiping County. This part introduces you Shiping County ethnic culture.

1. Ethnic Groups

The main ethnic minorities in Shiping County include Yi, Dai, Hani and Hui, which account for about 60% of the whole population. Among them, Yi people have the largest population, taking up 54.44% of total population.

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Yilong Town异龙镇: 

Dashui Village大水村, Maohe Village冒合村, Songcun Village松村, Taiyue Village太岳村, Lijiazhai Village李家寨村, Doudiwan Village豆地湾村, Yuejiawan Village岳家湾村, Xiaoruicheng Village小瑞城村, Luosewan Village罗色湾村, Fujiaying Village符家营村

Baoxiu Town宝秀镇:

Baoxiu Village宝秀村, Zhangbenzhai Village张本寨村, Wuying Village吴营村, Xiaochong Village小冲村, Zhengying Village郑营村

Baxin Town坝心镇:

Xinjie Village新街村, Xiaogaotian Village小高田村, Sujiazhai Village苏家寨村, Longgang Village龙港村, Guanshang Village关上村

Longpeng Town龙朋镇:

Taoyuan Village桃园村, Dazhai Village大寨村, Longpeng Village龙朋村

Longwu Town龙武镇:

Potoudian Village坡头甸村

Shaochong Town哨冲镇:

Mocedian Village莫测甸村, Longhei Village龙黑村, Shaochong Village哨冲村, Quzuo Village曲左村, Samazha Village撒妈鲊村, Shuiguachong Village水瓜冲村, Mushan Village慕善村

Niujie Town牛街镇:

Yiheiji Village邑黑吉村, Tala Village他腊村, Diemulong Village迭亩龙村

3. Ethnic Customs

Shiping County is famous "Hometown of Folk Song and Dance". It is the birthplace of nationwide famous Haicai Tune of Yi minority and Yanhe Dance. A series of folk songs and dances involve Yi tune, Huayao song and dance, Xianggan dance, Pulagu dance, Sangbang dance of Hani minority, Hani music and Hao dance of Dai minority, etc. In the large-scale ecological song and dance Dynamic Yunnan, a lot of materials and actors are from Yi minority of Shiping County.

4. Ethnic Festivals

The main festivals in Shiping County include Torch Festival of Yi, Tiaogupo Festival of Yi, Dragon Worship Festival of Huayao Yi and Song, Dance Festival of Huayao Yi and so on.