Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site in Hongta District, Yuxi

Why is Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site So Special?

The Yuxi ancient kiln site(玉溪古窑址) is located in Wayao Village(瓦窑村), at the foot of Hongta Hill(红塔山), Hongta District. It was discovered in December 1960. According to research, the kiln started the production in Yuan Dynasty and got developed by people moved from Jingdezhen(景德镇), Jiangxi Province, one of the most famous areas for ceramics production.

Site of Yuxi Ancient Kiln in Hongta District, Yuxi

Unearthed products include bowls, plates, cups, saucers, bottles, pots, kettles, alms bowls and so on. Pattern making methods are painting, carving, marking, printing, pasting and kneading, etc. The decorations are mainly flowers and plants, animals, birds, fish algae and houses, vivid and unique. There are  green-glazed porcelains, blue and white porcelains, and black-glazed porcelains in the ancient kiln site, among them, blue and white porcelain for the most. Experts believe that the Yuxi(玉溪) ancient kiln belongs to the late Yuan and early Ming dynasty. on January 13, 1983, Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in Yunnan province. In December 1985, the ministry of culture of the People’s Republic of China approved to excavate and study the ancient kiln site. In this way, precious cultural relics buried for hundreds of years have been excavated, showing the historical origin and remarkable creation of Yuxi culture.

Features of Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site

Plenty of ceramics were unearthed at the site, including green-glazed porcelains, blue and white porcelains, and black-glazed porcelains. The identification of these porcelains shows that the production techniques at that time have reached a mature stage. The patterns on the blue and white porcelains unearthed here resemble those in Jingdezhen(景德镇) from Yuan Dynasty, which suggests the influence of Jingdezhen on the ceramics production in Yuxi. The research also shows that, beside Jingdezhen, Yuxi is the earliest area in China that started producing blue and white porcelains. The production techniques in Yuxi were innovated by skillful craftsmen and the products were endowed with distinctive local characteristics. The blue and white porcelains produced in Jingdezhen were covered with white glaze while those in Yuxi were covered with green glaze. The technique called “green glaze printing with blue and white patterns” on green and blue kettle with fish and aquatic weeds unearthed in Yuxi has never been seen in other ancient kilns in China. The kettle now is well-preserved in the Palace Museum and its picture is collected in the General History of China.

Where is Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site?

Yuxi ancient kiln site is located in the Wayao(tile kiln) village at the foot of Hongta hill. Yuxi ancient kiln belongs to the late Yuan dynasty and the early Ming dynasty. The discovery of Yuxi ancient kiln proves that Yunnan was also one of the early areas for the production of blue and white porcelain, providing abundant materials for the origin of Yunnan porcelain.

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How to Get There

Site of Yuxi Ancient Kiln in Hongta District, Yuxi

Hongta District is the political and economic center of Yuxi City, so transportation to Hongta District is convenient. When you are there in Hongta district, you can take a taxi to Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are many buses from Kunming to Hongta District of Yuxi. It is about 107 kilometers from Kunming East Bus Station to Hongta District bus terminal, about 1.5 hours. The ticket price is from 37 yuan to 55 yuan.

2. By Train

The fastest way to get to Hongta District of Yuxi is by train. You can take train at Kunming railway station or Kunming south railway station. Departing from Kunming south railway station spends less time.

Accommodation in Hongta District

Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site(玉溪古瓷窑址) is located in Wayao Village(瓦窑村) of Hongta District. Hongta district is political, economic and cultural center of Yuxi, and is ranked as one of the top 100 industrial regions in China. The economy is relatively developed. Accommodation in Hongta District is convenient as there are many hotels ranging from luxury hotels to hostels. 

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site all the year round.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Do not make noise in the site;

2. Do not touch the porcelains;

3. Before entering the Yuxi Ancient Kiln Site, please look at the signs and learn about all matters needing attention.

4. Do not use a flash when taking photos. There are many precious cultural relics, which are “afraid of the light”. Under the irradiation of strong light, they will accelerate their “aging” and even form permanent damage.

5. During the visit, you should pay attention to the instructions next to the porcelains. In this way, you can not only know the basic information of the porcelains, but also make a judgment on their value. You should pay attention to the “No Touch” sign that will be visible in the description of some porcelains.