Samaba Rice Terraces Fields in Honghe County

Chinese Name:宝华撒玛坝万亩梯田
English Name: Samaba Rice Terraces Fields in Honghe County

Samaba Rice Terraces Field is an important part of Honghe Hani Rice Terrace which is listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Samaba (撒玛坝) is located in Baohua Township (宝华乡) where is the south of Honghe county, 38 kilometers away from Honghe County. “There are always mountains higher than the hill, universes beyond the sky; No one can image the expense of Rice Terraces until seeing Samaba.” is usually used to describe Samaba Rice Terraces. The total area of Samaba Rice Terraces is about 2306 acres, over 4300 terraces steps. The lowest altitude is about 600 meter, and the highest altitude is about 1880 meter. It’s been 700 years since the first Tusi (Township head 土司) led people to assart the rice terrace according to the historical data.

Samaba Rice Terrace Fields in Honghe County

The terraces show various view of different seasons. It’s a green sea in the spring; it’s a golden mountain when the rice is ripe in the autumn; it’s a mirror connected to the sky like ribbons. It is like heaven where is covered by cloud as the sun rise. Here, the agricultural ecosystem composed of four elements: terraces fields — water systems — forest — villages. It shows the harmony of social system and nature. And Samaba Rice Terraces is the only sightseeing spot where can see the whole 2306 acres terraces by one view point in China.

Honghe tourist industry developed rapidly in resent years. After years effort, Samaba Rice Terraces was rated as National AA Tourist Attraction in 2014. And it was rated as Ten New Tourist Landmarks of Yunnan in 2015 judged by millions of netizen and hundreds of experts justly.

Samaba Rice Terraces in Honghe County, Honghe