Hongta District Shopping

Enjoying the favorable environment, Hongta district boasts a lot of specialties. As the capital of Yuxi, Hongta also collects many specialties of other places of Yuxi.

What to Buy in Hongta District

1.Yuxi Tobacco Leaf  (玉溪烟叶)

As we all know, Yuxi is one of the most important tobacco producing area in China. Hongta group is located in the prefecture-level city. Yuxi  tobacco leaf is produced in all eight counties and one district of Yuxi prefecture, it is the only material of Yuxi cigarette. There is a saying in yuxi prefecture, most tobacco leaf of china is in Yunnan, and the hometown of most Yunnan cigarette is Yuxi brand.

2.Sesame Slices(芝麻片)

The main ingredients are superior white sesame, white sugar of high quality, glucose, refined oil and so on. It is made by special technique. The characters include bright color, transparent nature while towards the light, thin and even slices, crisp and delicious taste and so on.

3.Oil Fermented Bean Curd (油卤腐)

Yuxi oil fermented bean curd has a long history. It was created by each and every family in Ming Dynasty. Enjoying the good reputation, it has been sold to different places in China. It can be the gifts in Yuxi.


Where to Buy in Hongta District

It is convenient for travelers to buy local specialities in Hongta. All the specialties can be found in local market and local shop.

Specialty Super Market in Hongta (玉溪土特产超市)

Address: No.137 Qiyang Road, Hongta District, Yuxi City

Tel: 0877-2688520

Yuecheng Specialty Center (越骋特产经营中心)

Address: No.34-4 Longma Road, Hongta District, Yuxi City

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