Hongta District Dining

Sour spicy is the favorite taste of Yuxi people. So dishes in  Hongta District are kind of spicy and sour. Hongta district is the capital of Yuxi.It collects the famous food of other counties of Yuxi. There are many favorable dishes and snacks in Hongta district.

What to Eat in Hongta District

1.Crystal Preserved Fruits (水晶蜜饯)

The white gourd preserves of Yuxi is like crystal.The history of Yuxi preserves can be trace back to late Ming Dynasty.It is refreshing, crisp, sweet but not greasy, and has the effect of promoting fluid and moistening lung.Without chemicals, it is healthy and inviting.

2.Fat Meat Rice Noodle(周氏肥肉米线)

When mentioning typical food in Yuxi, the residents in Chengjiang who have live in the 1930th and 1940th will all agree to give highly praise to the delicious taste. It is especially true to the Fat Meat Rice Noodle Restaurant operated by Zhou Pei (周沛) and Zhou Can (周灿) brothers, which is well known by the old and the young and has a good reputation all over the city.

3.Mushroom Banquet (菌子宴)

Mushroom banquet of Yigyuetan Mushroom Garden is famous and popular. Beside the lake, travelers can taste diverse mushroom dishes and enjoy the gifts of nature. Different kinds of mushrooms are delicious and nutritious. You can feel the inviting dishes from nature.

4.Oil Fermented Bean Curd (油卤腐)

Yuxi oil fermented bean curd has a long history. It was created by each and every family in Ming Dynasty. Enjoying the good reputation, it has been sold to different places in China. It can be the gifts in Yuxi.


Where to Eat in Hongta District

Famous dishes here are spicy chicken soup with herbs on Yudai Road, Roasted duck on Daying Street, Cold Rive Noodles, Ice Porridge etc. All the local famous food can be found in local restaurants and market.


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