Hongta District Overview


Hongta District (Chinese: 红塔区) is the main district of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, China. It is the capital of Yuxi City and plays an important role in culture, economy, also the essential pass to south Yunnan and Southeastern Asia. Hongta enjoys long history and splendid culture, like tobacco culture. In general, Hongta is an ideal place to discover, and we can learn more about culture of Yuxi and Yunnan.


2.Basic Information

Chinese Name: 红塔区
English Name: Hongta District
Area Coverage: 1004 square kilometers
Population: 507,700
Location: Central part of Yunnan
Language: Yuxi Dialect
Dailing Code: 0877
Zip Code: 653100



Hongta enjoys long and profound history. Hongta was under the administration of Ancient Dian Kingdom in previous Qin Dynasty. 109 B.C., it was a part of Yuyuan County in Yizhou Prefecture. It was administrated by Heyang Prefecture in Nanzhao Kingdom, Shanshan Office in Dali Kingdom and Chengjiang Office in Yuan Dynasty. After the Revolution of 1911 (辛亥革命),it was changed into Xinxing county in 1912 and changed into Yuxi county again in 1958. Yuxi county was changed to Yuxi City, and Hongta district was set up.



Hongta District  is the main district of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, China. It is located in the center of Yunnan province. It is contiguous to Jinning in the west and neighbours Tonghai in the southwest. Hongta is embraced by mountain in four directions, Longmashan Mountain in the east, Fenghuangshan Mountain in the south, Gaolushan Mountain in the west and Daheishan Mountain in the north. 



The climate is warm and temperate in Hongta. Hongta has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. This is true even for the driest month. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfa. The average annual temperature is 18.9 °C in Hongta. The average annual rainfall is 897 mm.



As the economic center of Yuxi, Hongta enjoys favorable hotels, with high-quality facilities and complete services. You will have a good stay here.



By the end of 2004, the total mileage of highways and roads had reached 15113 kilometers, of which 232.7 kilometers are highways and the annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 10.316 million and 20.568 million respectively. You can choose speed-train, train or bus to Hongta District in Yuxi.



Hongta District, enjoys the long and profound history and splendid culture, which is the popular tourist destination of Yunnan. There are many top attractions in Hongta District. Travelers can overview the history and development of tobacco culture in Tobacco Museum. As the capital of Yuxi, Hongta district enjoys profound history and splendid culture, with famous people in the history and diverse famous sites, such as Former Residence of Nie Er, Site of Wenxingxiang Shop, Site of Yuxi Ancient Kiln. There are also the charming landscape like Hongta Hill, Jiulongchi Park and Malong Cave. You will love this interesting land.



Adjacent to Kunming it is a bright pearl in the tourist development of Central Yunnan. Hongta Golden Tourist Route consists of all the highlights of tourism in Yuxi Municipality and offers a new chapter and forms an important part of Yunnan tourism with rich and refined cultural connotations.


10.Tobacco Industry

Hongta Industrial Zone was built by China’s leading tobacco enterprise Hongta Group and started industrial tourism on March 2006. The cigarette production line up to the international standard brings its high-quality cigarette like Hongtashan, Ashima and Gonghexinxi to the world market, so we could announce proudly that Yuxi Cigarette Factory is one of the largest factories in the world and No.1 in Asia. The straight boulevards, the brand-new buildings and the emerging satellite towns have added luster of this imposing picture. 
The climate of Yuxi is spring-like all round the year and the zone is picturesque with different layers of plants and water facilities. The district is full of vitality. From a small-scale tobacco leaf redrying factory in 1956 to today’s No.1 industry in the state and world leading transnational enterprise, the development history of Hongta Group represents the history of Chinese industry pursuing to be world class. Visitors to the Hongta can visit the world-leading cigarette production lines, understand the production process and techniques, and experience the industrial culture of Hongta Group.


11. What to Eat in Hongta District

1.Crystal Preserved Fruits (水晶蜜饯)

2.Fat Meat Rice Noodle(周氏肥肉米线)

3.Mushroom Banquet (菌子宴)


12.What to Buy in Hongta District

1.Yuxi Tobacco Leaf  (玉溪烟叶)

2.Sesame Slices(芝麻片)

3.Oil Fermented Bean Curd (油卤腐)