Best Places to Visit in Chuxiong Prefecture

Weichu has a long history and splendid culture. Yuanmou County has found fossils of Yuanmou people 1.7 million years ago, as well as traces of stone tools and fire. Chuxiong is a unique tourist attraction due to its beautiful natural scenery, beautiful mountains and clear water, lush vegetation, famous local products, myths and legends and rich Yi customs. The following is the best places to visit in Chuxiong Prefecture.

1. Yuanmou Clay (Earth) Forest

Although clay forest is the product of soil erosion, it can also be called the masterpiece of nature. This is a very worthwhile place to visit. You can fully exert your imagination and think of the forest inside as a myriad of animals, plants and buildings. While imagining, one sighs at the uncanny workmanship of nature.

2. Exhibition Hall of Yuanmou Man

As one of the birthplaces of human ancestors, when you arrive in Yuanmou, you should go to a museum to learn about the history of human evolution.The museum displays different scenes of life in which primitive human beings and nature are accompanied and struggle and utilization are combined.

3. Miyilu Folk Custom Valley

Miyilu Folk Custom Valley is a minority community with beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs, profound Yi culture and well-preserved folk customs. Come here to see those rich ethnic customs and listen to those beautiful legends.

4. Jiyi Grand Valley

The Jiyi Grand Rift Valley, also known as Central Yunnan Grand Rift Valley, is located in Wuding County in the central part of Yunnan Province, 123 kilometers from the county seat. The scenic area is about 30 square kilometers and there are more than 10 scenic spots. The Grand Rift Valley is about 12 kilometers long. The widest part is about 200 meters, and the narrowest part is about 6 meters. The deepest part of the rift valley is more than 300 meters and is bottomless, which forms the thrilling cliff wonder.

5. Lion Mountain in Wuding County

Regarded as an ideal land for taking a closer touch to nature, Lion Mountain in Wuding County is now full of cloud-capped ancient trees——a sea of forest that shadows the sun, the towering crags, the strangely-formed rocks, beautiful flowers such as peony, attractive landscapes and sweet spring. The relics and the legends about the Emperor Hui of the Ming Dynasty who shaved his own hair to become a reclu sive monk at Lion Mountain make the resort even more interesting.

6. Huafo Mountain

Huafo Mountain is located in Mouding County in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Huafo Mountain is one of the famous mountains for Buddhists congregat ion in Central Yunnan. The mountain stands there like a powerful lion, facing the east, striding forward with his chin up.Standing on the Mountain, visitors can enjoy themselves in the forest of nature. Various shapes of bamboos and plants can be seen here and there.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!