Chuxiong Dining

As one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel, Chuxiong Dining is as beautiful as the sceneries here.Chuxiong Food and Restaurants are full of choices for travelers. When come to Chuxiong, what to eat in Chuxiong and where to eat in Chuxiong are easy questions to be solved. Check the related information on this page. People who take a tour to Chuxiong never forget to taste the food there. As a city having various Chinese ethnic minorities, the local food is different from other places. Food is no longer just used to fill hungry and people begin to enjoy every taste and delicious food. When you come to Chuxiong, don't miss the delicious food.

What to Eat in Chuxiong

Speaking of dishes and snacks in Chuxiong, they are numerous. Through the delicious food, you will fall in love with Chuxiong, a place with long history.

Must-eat Dishes in Chuxiong

Chuxiong Mutton(楚雄羊肉)

The Yi ethnic people in Chuxiong take mutton as a household dish to treat guests. When they are preparing mutton hotpot, no condiments except salt are added in the caldron. But assorted spices will play their role on the dining table such as Chinese prickly ash berries, cayenne, coriander, onion, ginger and mint. The sheep's odor is smartly and completely concealed for appetite.

Roasted Pig(烤乳猪)

Roasted pig along with a local flavor is the traditional cuisine. The main raw material is the lean pig. After cleaning it and then coating with a variety of condiments, bake it on charcoal fire until cooked skin yellow flesh. Finally, a delicious dish-roasted pig is done.

Guhua Fish(谷花鱼)

Guhua fish is raised in rice fields. The fish is natural and unpolluted, since it is fed on paddies, mosquito larvae and rice grains. Its price even reached 80 yuan per kilogram at times. As a branded product in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, it has enjoyed a long history. And it is a must-choice for tourists to Chuxiong. 

Cold Chicken(凉鸡)

The cold chicken has been a name card in food for travelers to Yuanmou County. The cooking method of the cold chicken in Yuanmou County differs from other places in Yunnan. When a spring chick is killed and well cleaned. The local people put the whole chick into the pot and scald it with hot water. The water is heated but not boiled. When the skin wrinkles, take it out and cut it into slice. The cold chicken is ready when the seasonings are prepared. The meat tastes sweet and fresh.

 Roasted Chinese Squab(烤乳鸽)

In Chuxiong cuisine, squab is a part of celebratory banquets for holidays such as Yizunian New Year, usually served deep-fried. Taste crispy and glossy , the meat is tender and juicy.

Stewed Chicken with Tricholoma Matsutake(松茸炖鸡)

Tricholoma matsutake is also one of the four largest edible fungi in the world. The aroma of tricholoma matsutake slightly heavier, tricholoma matsutake tastes slightly smooth. People who like heavy taste can have a try. People will leave a deep impression on the delicious stewed chicken with tricholoma matsutake.

Snacks in Chuxiong

Yi Ethnic Buckwheat Cakes(彝族荞麦饼)

Buckwheat is cool and refreshing, characteristics of pure and sweet, and at the same time with a variety of amino acids the body needs, is always one of the ideal food for diabetic patients.


Chunbing, also known as "spring pancakes", is filled with fresh seasonal vegetables like radishes and shepherd's purse. The snack is traditionally eaten on the beginning of spring(立春). It's an traditional saying that refers to both embracing spring and using vegetables' nutrition to prevent illness. It's believed that once you "bite into spring," you won't feel tired for the rest of the season! 

Bean Jelly(凉粉)

In Dayao, bean jelly is also a signature snack. It varies a lot in such aspects as materials it is made from (like buckwheat, maize and peas), places where it is made (like hot jelly of Zhaotong Area). Generally speaking, most of bean jelly in Chuxiong is made from peas.

Fried Pumpkin(炸南瓜)

It is a signature delicacy of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Hardly heard of elsewhere, this dish was originally a Buddhist vegetarian treat. Mixed with glutinous flour and sugar, the julienne pumpkin is prepared by deep frying.

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Where to Eat in Chuxiong

There are many special restaurants in Chuxiong. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

Yunnan Cuisine

  • Chuxiong Home-style Dishes Restaurant(老楚雄家常菜)
    Add: No.51, Xixiaoshan Road of Lucheng Town
    Tel: 1363808711
  • Yihao Restaurant(壹号饭店)
    Add: Xinyi Garden of Xinyi Street
    Tel: 15750358439
  • Chuxiong Family(楚雄人家)
    Add: No.487, Tuanjie Road
    Tel: 0878-3113426
  • Mingshan Restaurant(明善餐厅)
    Add: No.137, Yongxingsi  Road
    Tel: 0878-3398689
  • Huaixiang Restaurant(怀象餐厅)
    Add: No.36, Shunxin Street
    Tel: 0878-8983796

Muslim Food

  • Muslim Zhuanghuangniu Restaurant(清真壮黄牛)
    Add: No. 6 Longtun Road, Nanhua County, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州南华县龙屯路6号)
    Tel: 13529512195
  • Yushui Changlong Restaurant(玉水昌隆)
    Add: Building F06 Yiren Waitan, Weichu Avenue (威楚大道彝人外滩F06栋)
    Tel: (0878)3152766/13987832468
  • Muslim Xiaohuangniu Restaurant(清真小黄牛)
    Add: No. 51 South Jinshan Road, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州禄丰县金山南路51号)
    Tel: 13987806488/(0878)4140608
  • Chunyunzhai Restaurant(春云斋)
    Add: No. 420 Dejiang Road, Chuxiong Development Zone, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市开发区德江路420号)
    Tel: (0878)3377860

Snack Streets

  • Beipu Snack Street(北浦小吃街)
    Add: Nearby No. 5 Longfei Alley, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市龙飞巷5号附近)
  • Zhaoshun No. 1 Snack Street(兆顺第一城小吃街)
    Add: No. 106 Lingxiu Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province(云南省楚雄州楚雄市灵秀路106)
    Tel: 18183517228
  • Chengdu Snack Street(成都小吃街)
    Add: Guzhen South Street, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市古镇南街)
    Tel: /

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