Chuxiong Travel Tips

When you go to a new place, you should know some useful information to make your journey more convenient and save your time. Chuxiong is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. Yunnan Exploration provides the detailed information about Chuxiong Travel Tips, which make your Chuxiong Travel more convenient and interesting.

Useful Numbers of Chuxiong

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Zip code inquiry: 3139491
  • Tourism Complaint: 3164961
  • Consumption Complaint: 12315
  • Weather forecast of the scenic spots: 16800122

Best Time to Visit Chuxiong

With favorable weather all year round, Chuxiong is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Chuxiong when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together.

Dressing Tips

The temperature changes a lot between day and night in Chuxiong especially in rainy day, please keep warm and take care of yourself. Due to the high altitude, please protect yourself from strong UV radiation by wearing sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen. And drink more water because the climate is dry here.

Important Travel Tips for Visiting Chuxiong

How to Get to Chuxiong

Chuxiong lies to the west of Kunming and the transportation is quite convenient. National highway 320 connects Chuxiong with Kunming, with distance of 160 kilometers. Meanwhile, there are roads leading to almost every county in the area. The Kunming-Dali Expressway passes through Chuxiong. And it takes about 2 hours from Kunming to Chuxiong by bus. Every day there are more than about 100 regular buses going to and from Chuxiong in the Yunnan Province. With the opening of Kunming – Chuxiong – Dali Intercity Railway, it is very convenient to get to Chuxiong by train. People can get to Chuxiong by train or long-distance.

Chuxiong Food

 People who take a tour to Chuxiong never forget to taste the food there. As a city having various Chinese ethnic minorities, the local food is different from other places. Food is no longer just used to fill hungry and people begin to enjoy every taste and delicious food. When you come to Chuxiong, don't miss the delicious food. Speaking of dishes and snacks in Chuxiong, they are numerous. Through the delicious food, you will fall in love with Chuxiong, a place with long history.

Chuxiong Shopping

Tourist souvenirs, as the name implies, are exquisitely portable, craftsmanship gifts with regional characteristics and national characteristics that are purchased by tourists during the tour, and are memorable souvenirs. Some people think the tourist souvenir is a city business card with a high collection and appreciation value, which is elegant and gorgeous. There are many souvenirs that worth your money in Chuxiong, such as Dayao WalnutYongren Truffle, Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts, etc.

Where to Stay in Chuxiong

As Chuxiong is abundant in tourist resources, choosing a lodging place in Chuxiong is a piece of cake. As the development of its economy and tourism, hotels of all levels are constructed well. Tourists could find diverse hotels in Chuxiong. Star hotels are mainly located in the city center with elegant furnishings and all-inclusive services which will meet customers’ different accommodation needs, such as Dianjunwang Hotel, Yunhua Hotel, the 5-star hotels. Most of the hotels are with good locations, convenient transportation and accessible to shopping. 

Matters need attention

  • Try not to take a bath.
  • Prepare some disposable toilet seats.
  • Wash your hands after using the remote control.
  • It is best not to wear plastic slippers provided by the hotel.
  • Before using the water glass, use the boiling water to disinfect.
  • Although the hotel's bed sheet is replaced every day, it is best to prepare a set of comfortable pajamas.

Things to Do in Chuxiong

Top Chuxiong Attractions include Yiren Ancient Town,Jiyi Grand Valley, Guanglu Old Town, Shiyang Ancient Town, etc. Chuxiong Attractions are abundant and are full of all kinds, including natural sceneries, human sceneries and villages where you can experience the rich ethnic culture. Plan your Chuxiong Tour and visit the top attractions of Chuxiong. It boasts ancient history and eye-dazzling ethnic culture. It is the place where Asian’s most ancient Lufeng Ape and Yuanmou man were spotted, It’s also a place which dinosaur fossil were discovered and there is a dinosaur museum in Lufeng, Chuxiong. Langjing Ancient Village and Yiren Ancient Town are perfect for you to experience the minorities culture. Yuanmou Earth Forest is also splendid and regarded as one of the well-known cradle of humanity and a treasure house of fossils of ancient living beings.

Top Attractions in Chuxiong

When you step on the beautiful and tranquil land, travelers will see the picturesque landscape, unique natural scenic spots and the colorful ethnic culture, which are the most important elements of Chuxiong tour. When you come to Chuxiong, the top attractions in Chuxiong are must-visit. Chuxiong, known as a land of wonders, both natural and man-made, will make you forget to leave.

Matters need attention

  • Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.
  • Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.
  • Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.
  • Avoiding crossing the fireplace. The Yi ethnic minority regard fire as the most important thing in their lives.
  • Do not eat dog, kill dog and beat dog. This is forbidden by the Miao ethnic minority.

Banks in Chuxiong

You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China without fees charged. And 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on.

  • Bank of China(Sub-branch in Chuxiong Development Zone)(中国银行(楚雄州开发区支行))
    Tel: (0878)3398971
    Add: No. 259 Yongan Road, Chuxiong Economic and Technical Development Zone(楚雄市经济技术开发区永安路259号)
  • China Construction Bank(Chuxiong Chuwei Sub-branch)(中国建设银行(楚雄楚威支行))
    Tel: (0878)3122645
    Add: No. 51 East Lucheng Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市鹿城东路51号)
  • (中国银行(禄丰支行))
    Tel: (0878)4121856
    Add: (云南省禄丰县金山镇金水路世纪佳源商住区第2幢)
  • Bank of China(Chuxiong Prefecture Branch)(中国银行(楚雄州分行))
    Tel: (0878)3111568
    Add: No. 47 East Lucheng Road(鹿城东路47号)
  • Bank of China(中国银行)
    Tel: (0878)3124751
    Add: No. 210 West Lucheng Road, Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province(云南省楚雄市鹿城西路210号)

Post Offices and Expresses in Chuxiong

  • China Post(Longcheng Road)(中国邮政(龙城路店))
    Tel: (0878)4141134
    Add: No. 6 Longcheng Road, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州禄丰县龙城路6号)
  • China Post(Wuding County Post Office)(中国邮政(武定县邮政局))
    Tel: 0878)8835322,(0878)8712366
    Add: No. 4 Zhongxin Street, Jincheng Town, Wuding County(武定县近城镇中新街4号)
  • Dayao County Post Office(大姚县邮政局)
    Tel: (0878)6212310
    Add: No. 47 Nanhou Street, Jinbi Town, Dayao County, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州大姚县金碧镇南后街47号)
  • China Post(中国邮政)
    Tel: (0878)3113310/(0878)3131014
    Add: No. 2 East Lucheng Road, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市鹿城东路2号)
  • SF Express(顺丰速运)
    Tel: 18187895207
    Add: No. 15 Yiren West Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市彝人西路15号)
  • ZTO Express(中通快递)
    Tel: 18887807779
    Add: No. 34 Xingmao Road, Shuangbai County(双柏县兴贸路34号)

Hospitals in Chuxiong

  • Chuxiong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hotel(楚雄市中医医院)
    Tel: (0878)6043120/(0878)6044777
    Add: No. 189 Qinglong Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市青龙路189号)
  • Chuxiong People's Hospital(楚雄市人民医院)
    Tel: (0878)3138316
    Add: East Dongsheng Road, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture(楚雄彝族自治州楚雄市东盛东路)
  • Lufeng County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital(禄丰县中医医院)
    Tel: (0878)4131098
    Add: No. 2 Jinyuan Street, Jinshan Town(金山镇金源街2号)
  • Chuxiong Wanghe Hospital(楚雄万和医院)
    Tel: (0878)3130961
    Add: No. 70 North Lucheng Road, Chuxiong Branch of Fudian Bank(富滇银行楚雄分行鹿城北路70号)
  • Shuangbai County People's Hospital(双柏县人民医院)
    Tel: (0878)7711941
    Add: No. 21 Zhenxing Road, Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州双柏县城振兴路21号)

Other Travel Tips for Visiting Chuxiong

  • In China, please had better not travel in peak seasons, such as Chinese New Year, International Labor Day and National Day. If you want to experience the traditional festival culture, Taking a tour during the traditional festivals of China can get the opportunity to experience the festivals culture.
  • Be careful of the changeable temperature. A few chilly days could be followed by relatively hot weather. So it is better to take some early winter clothes to protect you away from the sudden low temperature.

Regional Travel Tips in Chuxiong