Best Places to Visit in Tengchong City

Tengchong is a region where Asian volcanoes are concentrated, with many volcanoes in its territory. Tengchong is rich in geothermal resources with numerous hot springs and springs. Tengchong city is not big, but it has a long history, with a thick historical background and many cultural landscape buildings. Volcano Park, Hot Sea and other scenic spots should not be missed. If you come to Tengchong in autumn, Ginkgo Village must be visited, which will definitely shock and surprise you. Next, I will tell you the best places to visit in Tengchong City.

1. Tengchong Hot Sea

Located in Qingshui Township, southwest of Tengchong County, the hot sea covers an area of about 9 square kilometers and has more than 80 gas springs and hot springs. Hot springs can be seen spewing everywhere. The hot air shrouds this place in a white mist, , it is not only an important part of natural resources, but also a precious and non-renewable geological natural heritage.

2. Heshun Ancient Town

Entering Heshun, you will enter Yunnan’s earliest birthplace of cross-border trade. It is a century-old village deeply influenced by the culture of the Central Plains on the ancient silk road in southwest China. Compared with other ancient towns, Heshun has less commercial flavor, more cultural and ancient charm, less noise and bustle, and more beauty and tranquility. Therefore, in addition to visiting scenic spots, you can completely relieve pressure and stay comfortably for a few days.

3. Tengchong Volcano Park

When you enter the volcano park, all the mountains you can see are volcanoes, and every volcano is an active volcano in dormancy. It is said that the latest eruption is 7,000 years apart. In the Volcano Geothermal National Geopark, you can take a hot air balloon to spy on the panorama of the park from a height. In addition to taking a hot air balloon, climbing stairs and watching the volcano, you can also see the introduction of the volcano at the gate. There are many pictures and volcanic rocks. You may as well calm down and feel the charm of history and geography.

4. Beihai Wetland Reserve

The wetland is surrounded by mountains, located in a special geographical position, and is a typical subtropical volcanic lava barrier lake marsh wetland. The reserve features a “floating blanket style” marsh, complex biodiversity and high productivity. The reserve is not only a garden of national protected plants like Brasenia schreberi and wildwater chestnuts, but it is also a paradise for water birds.

5. Longjiang Bridge

The Longjiang River Bridge or Longjiang Bridge is a suspension bridge near Baoshan, Yunnan, China. The bridge project is also part of a larger effort to connect Yunnan’s impoverished west to the province’s more prosperous central region and, eventually, to neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

6. The Graveyard of the National Heroes 

The Graveyard of the National Heroes constructed to honour the martyrs at the battle of recovering Tengchong lies in the west of the county seat at about 1 kilometre’s distance. The construction was started in 1944 and completed on the 7th of July, 1945. It was Li Genyuan who called for the construction of the memorial graveyard. Covering over 10,000 square meters, the main structures are the memorial tower, the martyrs’ tombs, the memorial hall and the gate.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!