Best Places to Visit Dehong

“Dehong” is a transliteration of Dai language, which means “the place at the lower reaches of Nujiang River”. It is a place where the Dai and Jingpo people live. With beautiful natural scenery and favorable climatic conditions, people forget the noise and annoyance of the city, enjoy nature and experience the customs of ethnic minorities. The following is the best places to visit in Dehong Prefecture. The following is the best places to visit in Dehong Prefecture.

1. Jiegao Border Trade Zone

Ruili city has a trade fair street which is more than 1 km long and is called “border trade street”. The sellers there are all Chinese and Burmese border residents, with a wide variety of goods, and there are many handicrafts with local Dai characteristics, such as wood carving, leather, textile, etc. When the night falls, there will be bright lights and become Ruili’s city that never sleeps.

2. one-tree forest

This tree is located at the side of Mangling Village. Looking far away at the left side of the road, there is a green forest. If you study carefully, you can find that this forest is actually a banyan tree. It grows on the 320 national highway just entering Ruili City, and seems to be a visitor waiting for the distance. Ruili people call it Yingke banyan.
This welcoming banyan is not very big, ranking fifth in Dehong prefecture, but it has a peculiar tree shape and a variety of postures before and after, thus it is favored by many film and television experts.

3. Meng Huan pagoda

Asia’s First Hollow Pagoda! The pagoda on the top of the mountain!
The first time when you see it,  it is shining and magnificent. Feel it up close and you will feel clean and peaceful. It seems that there is a magic power that makes you calm down unconsciously for fear of disturbing the peace. The Buddha outside the tower is also very beautiful, with profound implications. Wandering in it, you will get a peace of mind.

4. Ruili River

This river irrigates tens of millions of hectares of fertile land between China and Myanmar and nurtures nearly a million people. The upper reaches of Ruili River are called Longjiang River, which originates from the west side of Gaoligong Mountain. Ruili River, more than 20 kilometers of which belong to the boundary river between China and Myanmar, is one of the important rivers in the west of Yunnan Province and belongs to the subtropical longliu river.

How to Get to Dehong

Dehong Mangshi Airport is situated 6.5 kilometers (4 miles) from the city proper, operating flights to Kunming. It takes 45 minutes. Visitors coming to this area usually get to its cities and counties using Luxi city as transfer station. Buses to Luxi and Ruili cities are available in Kunming Passenger Transport Bus Station in the end of Beijing Lu and Dali Bus Station in Jianshe Lu of Xiguan. Though the highway, both Dali and Kunming are about eight hours’ drive from Luxi and another two hours are needed to Ruili.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!