Chuxiong Education

Chuxiong Education introduces some information about the kindergartens, primary schools, famous education centers, middle schools, colleges and universities in Chuxiong of Yunnan Province. It helps you to design students education tours with local schools in Chuxiong .Compared with other places in southwest Yunnan, Chuxiong Education is better. What's more, Chuxiong Education Tours will certainly leave your students with a much greater appreciation of Chuxiong. Chuxiong is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Yunnan Travel. Chuxiong is the best place to take a Chuxiong Education Tour to experience the Minority Culture and learn the Chuxiong culture including ethnic custom, architecture, etc. In addition, Yunnan Exploration provides the Theme Tours, including the Yunnan Festival Tour, Yunnan Food Tour, Yunnan Muslim Tour, etc.

Basic Information of Education in 2018

  Internal Students Recruit Students Graduates
Regular Higher Education 18318 5430 4656
Ordinary Technical Secondary School 29508 9968 8278
Regular High School 48093 16420 14190
Ordinary Secondary School 87279 27529 31815
Ordinary Primary School 154354 26015 27798
Special Education 462 320 /
Kindergarten 60331 / /

Universities, Colleges and Vocational Schools in Chuxiong

Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone
楚雄师范学院 Chuxiong Normal University No. 546 South Lucheng Road, Chuxiong City(雄市鹿城南路546号) (0878)3122590
楚雄医药高等专科学校 Chuxiong Medical and Pharmaceutical College Xinda Street, Donggua Town, Chuxiong City(楚雄市东瓜镇新大街) (0878)3875473
彝人古镇文学院 Yiren Ancient Town College of Arts Cheping Road, Chuxiong City(楚雄市车坪路) /
楚雄市职业高级中学 Chuxiong Vocational Senior High School East Dongsheng Road, Chuxiong City(楚雄市东盛东路) /
楚雄技师学院 Chuxiong Technical College Chahua Avenue(茶花大道) (0878)3031031

Top Middle and High Schools in Chuxiong

Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone
楚雄实验中学 Chuxiong Experimental Middle School No. 516 South Lucheng Road, Chuxiong City(楚雄市鹿城南路516号) (0878)3211008
东兴中学 Dongxing Middle School No. 248 East Lucheng Road(鹿城东路248号) (0878)6168929
楚雄师院附中 Affiliated Middle School to Chuxiong Normal University No. 776 South Lucheng Road, Lucheng Town, Chuxiong City(楚雄市鹿城镇鹿城南路776号) (0878)3212096
楚雄民族中学 Chuxiong Ethnic Middle School No. 84 Longjiang Road(龙江路84号) (0878)3122606
天人中学 Tianren Middle School No. 380 Taiyangli Avenue, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市太阳历大道380号) (0878)3395188,(0878)3392588
楚雄第一中学 Chuxiong No.1 Middle School No. 291 South Lucheng Road, Lucheng Town(鹿城镇鹿城南路291号) (0878)3123945,(0878)3122965
武定第一中学 Wuding No.1 Middle School No.24, Fuxing Street, Shishan Town(狮山镇复兴街24号) (0878)8711661
北浦中学 Beipu Middle School No.131, Qingllong Road(青龙路131号) (0878)3121303

Top Elementary Schools in Chuxiong

Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone
鹿城小学 Lucheng Primary School No. 180 Zhongda Street(中大街180号) (0878)3122325
北城小学 Beicheng Primary School No. 73 South Lucheng Road(鹿城南路73号) (0878)3123305
高峰乡中心小学 Gaofeng Township Central Primary School North 150 meters of the Interjection of Yiyang Line and No. 026 Township Road(一羊线与026乡道交叉口北150米) (0878)4825737
妥安庆荧小学 Tuoan Qingying Primary School Nearby Luoan Police Station, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州禄丰县妥安派出所附近) (0878)4895049
楚雄开发区实验小学 Experimental Primary School in Chuxiong Development Zone No. 145 Yucai Road, Chuxiong City Development Zone, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市开发区育才路145号) (0878)3399711
永安小学 Yong'an Primary School Next to Zhanjia Community, Chuxiong City Development Zone(楚雄市开发区詹家社区旁边) (0878)3377683
东兴小学 Dongxing Primary School No. 656 Xiongbao Road(雄宝路656号)
鹿城镇中心小学 Lucheng Town Central Primary School No. 97 Fumin Street(富民街97号) (0878)3890116

Top Kindergartens in Chuxiong

Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone
楚雄回民幼儿园 Chuxiong Hui People Kindergarten No.34, Guanxiang Street of Lucheng Town (0878)3124617
楚雄市稚趣幼儿园 Chuxiong Zhiqu Kindergarten No.243, Fengshen Road 0878-3396229
楚雄市石鼓幼儿园 Chuxiong Shigu Kindergarten No.027 Township Road 1387887691
光禄幼儿园 Guanglu Kindergarten In the junction of Longxiang Street and Guanglao Road 13987846871
童心幼儿园 Tongxin Kindergarten Xiangrui Street in Shishan Town 0878-8839756
童乐幼儿园 Tongle Kindergarten No.3 Hexing Alley 0878-8983309

Famous Educational Training Centers in Chuxiong

Chinese Name English Name Address Telephone
试竞成教育 Shijingcheng Education No. 562 Tuanjie Road(团结路562号) 18687876655
华图教育 Huatu Education Floor 3 of E Area, Beipu Weiye Square, No. 155 Tuanjie Road(团结路155号北浦伟业广场E区三楼) (0878)3131037
中公教育 Beijing Offcn Future Education No. 606 Tuanjie Road, Chuxiong City(楚雄市团结路606号) (0878)3245608
黄冈培训学校 Huanggang Training School Floor 2 fo No. 9 Fuxing Alley, Chuxiong City, Chuxiong Prefecture(楚雄州楚雄市复兴巷9号2层) (0878)3111101
昂乐教育 Angle Education No. 212 Qinglong Road, Lucheng Town(鹿城镇青龙路212号) 13638711703
游立克教育 Youlike Education Floor 2 of C Area, Beipu Weiye Square, Beipu Road, Chuxiong City(楚雄市北浦路北浦伟业广场C区2楼) (0878)3121400
鸿灏教育 Honghao Education No. 234 South Lucheng Road(鹿城南路234号) (0878)3388818

Students Educational Tours including Chuxiong

Through the excellent education tours, children can get the opportunities to broaden their horizons, exercise their will, learn good habits, etc. At present, there are all kinds of education tours in Chuxiong. Yi Minority Tour is a highlight of education tours in Chuxiong. What's more, Chuxiong is the best place to visit the historical and cultural sites due to the profound history, such as Yongren Ancient Town, Yiren Ancient Town. Hence, it is a good place to take a Chuxiong Education Tour, which can make students to experience the Yi Culture.

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