More than a Sightseeing Tour to Yunnan

The experience of travel is unique, for me I enjoy sincere interaction with the people I meet, in the places I go. I generally, travel solo to do this. But, in countries where I do not know the language, or I am unable to read the writings, I engage in a tour, a private one if possible. This is what I did, when make the decision to add China to a world tour I was on in 2016. I was referred to Yunnan Exploration, by my brother and sister-in-law who had been teaching English in Yunnan Province, for the prior two years.

When I contact, Yunnan Exploration, and explained to them, I wanted travel that not only visited the sites, but also would give me an intimate interaction with the people I met on the way, they assured me they could do this.

And this they did, starting off, with themselves, Charlie the owner, his assistant Sue, guide Lolita and their driver all joined me for dinner at, where we discussed their life’s in Lijang. The dinner was then followed with a visit to Sue’s family home where I was able to experience Chinese home life, and spend time with her mother and father who are contemporary creators, the mother an artist and the father a musician and teacher.

Also included in the trip was a, where the hostel manager, Carol invited me to join her family, (Mother, Father, siblings and friends) for a traditional dinner. I was able to interact with the family in such a way, that I felt like family. On my last day, I was staying next to the Naxi embroidery school, which was open to tours, but I went as an individual. It was a school my sister-in-law had taught, and I was impressed with the English spoken there. As we had lunch, we decided to make a video, to record their linguistic accomplishment and share it with the public. Before I departed, they took the time to work with me, to make the ‘We speak English Here Video’, a unique experience that made my trip with Yunnan Travel, more than just a sightseeing tour.
Visit Susanna Zhang and Her Parents in Lijiang The Hotel Entrance in Dali Ancient Town Susanna Zhang Mom Artist in Lijiang Dinner with Yunnan Exploration Boss Charlie Lee and His Team in Lijiang Dinner with Local Family in Dali City