City is one of the administrative divisions in China. It is usually divided into provincial municipalities, prefectural municipalities and county-level municipalities according to the level of administrative divisions. In Yunnan, there are 8 prefecture-level cities and 16 county-level cities. See more about Cities in China.

Administrative Classification of Cities in China

There are four cities with different administrative levels in China: municipalities directly under the Central Government (provincial level); prefectural level cities (including sub-provincial level cities); county level cities; county-controlled city (township level cities): referring to a township level administrative unit in Taiwan Province. There are only prefecture-level cities and county-level cities in China.

Prefecture-level Cities in Yunnan

County-level Cities in Yunnan

Yunnan City Tours

Located in the remote southwest of China, Yunnan is a dream destination for travelers. KunmingDaliLijiang, and Shangri-Laare the must-visit cities for first-time visitors in Yunnan. Besides, Jinghong, the prefectural city of Xishuangbanna, is famous for its mysterious tropical rainforest and minority customs. TengchongRuiliMangshi are top cities of western Yunnan tours. Discover the Cities of Yunnan with us and we can offer tailor-made Yunnan Tour Packages for you!

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