South Yunnan

South Yunnan mainly refers to Honghe. Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, is much alike a piece of green precious stone inlaid at the southernmost end of China. Within Honghe prefecture, there are political, economic, military and cultural center of south Yunnan, Mengzi; the capital of Tin in the world, Gejiu; The core area of Honghe Hani rice terraces, Yuanyang; National famous historic and cultural city, Jianshui; And two national level entry ports, Hekou and Jinshuihe. 

Administrative Divisions of Honghe

Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture has jurisdiction over 4 county-level cities, 6 counties and 3 autonomous counties. As follows: 

Top Attractions in Honghe

Honghe is one of the important tourist destinations in Yunnan. There are various types of tourist spots in Honghe, including rice terraces, lakes, historical relics, nature reserves, etc. The top sights are Honghe Hani rice terraces and Jianshui Old Town. For more information, see the list below.