High-speed Trains in Yunnan

In recent years, dramatic changes have taken place in railway traffic in Yunnan. The operating mileage of Kunming railway bureau has increased from more than 2,000 km in 2012 to more than 3,700 km at the end of 2016. As the opening of Shanghai-Kunming high speed rail and Nanning-Every day, there are many G-trains, D-trains travel to/through/from Kunming, including about 74 G-trains and about 197 D-trains from Kunming South Railway Station. This page introduce you the High-speed Trains in Yunnan.

1. Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Trains

From Shanghai to Kunming, the whole trip takes only 11.5~ 12 hours, at least 23 hours shorter than normal trains. About 4 pairs of high speed trains arr shuttling between Shanghai and Kunming. There are over 20 midway railway stations of about 15 cities along the Shanghai Kunming High Speed Railway, including Hangzhou East (杭州东), Nanchang West (南昌西), Changsha West (长沙西), Kaili South (凯里南), Guiyang North (贵阳北), etc., but the high speed trains may just stop at some of them. Please check more about Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Trains.

2. Nanning-Kunming High-speed Trains

The Nanning – Kunming high speed trains have cut the rail travel duration between the two cities from 12 hours to 4.5 hours. About 20 pairs of high speed trains arr shuttling between Nanning and Kunming. The stops along the way includes Nanning East, Nanning, Nanning West, Long’an East, Pingguo, Tiandong North, Tianyang, Baise, Funing, Guangnanxian, Puzhehei, Mile, Shilin West, Kunming South. It not only connects Kunming and Nanning, but also Kunming and Guangzhou via the Nanning-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, hence linking Southwest China with Pearl River Delta. More about Nanning-Kunming High-speed Trains.

3. Guangzhou-Kunming High-speed Trains

At present, there are about 3 daily G-trains (G2924, G2934, &2928) and 12 daily D-trains running from Kunming South Station to Guangzhou South Station. The 3 G-trains (G2924, G2934, &2928) will stop at Guiyang and you can get off to appreciate the beauty of Guiyang. The G-trains run along Guangzhou-Guiyang high-speed railway and Guiyang-Kunming high-speed railway. 

The D trains run along Guangzhou-Kunming high speed railway, which consists of Guangzhou-Nanning section and Nanning-Kunming section. The stations on the way include Sanshui South, Zhaoqing East, Yunfu East, Nanjiangkou, Yunan, Wuzhou South, Tengxian, Pingnan South, Guiping, Guigang, Binyang, Nanning East, Nanning, Nanning West, Long’an East, Pingguo, Tiandong North, Tianyang, Baise, Funing, Guangnanxian, Puzhehei, Mile, and Shilin West.

More about Guangzhou-Kunming High-speed Trains.

4.Beijing-Kunming High-speed Trains

About 3 pairs of high speed trains have started running between Beijing and Kunming, including 2 G-trains and 1 D-train. G trains takes about 11-12.5 hours and D about 15 hours. It consists of two sections: Beijing-Changsha(north-south direction along Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed Railway) and Changsha-Kunming(east-west direction is along Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway). The main stops include Baoding East, Shijiazhuang, Hebi East, Zhengzhou East, Wuhan, Changsha South, Huaihua South, Kaili South, Guiyang North, etc., but the high speed trains may just stop at some of them. Please check more about Beijing-Kunming High-speed Trains.

5. Xian-Kunming High-speed Trains

There is only one pair high-speed train connecting Xian and Kunming. It takes about 10.5 hours. The fare of a second class seat ticket is CNY 623. Apart from that, 2 pairs of normal speed trains serve between the 2 cities with the duration of about 22.5 – 34.5 hours. The railway the train running along includes four section from 4 different high speed railways, varying the speed of 200 km/h (124 mph), 250 km/h (155 mph) and 300 km (186 mph). Major stops include Hanzhong, Guangyuan, Chongqing West, Zunyi, Guiyang North, Anshun West and Qujing North.

6. Dali-Kunming High-speed Trains

Kunming to Dali high-speed train officially started operation on July 1st, which cut travelling time from six hours (regular train) to only two hours. Right now, more than 20 pairs high-speed trains runs from Kunming to Dali everyday with an average interval of 25 minutes. With a speed of 200 km/h, the fastest running time is about 112 minutes. Several railway stations are set up along the line, including Lufeng South, Guangtong North, Chuxiong, Nanhua, Yunnanyi and Xiangyun. More about Dali-Kunming High-speed Trains.