Baishuitai Climate

Climate in Baishuitai

The Baishuitai is about 2,380 meters above sea level, and its shape resembles the terraced fields. The main cause is that the calcium bicarbonate in the water is irradiated by sunlight, and the water evaporates to form a white deposit of calcium carbonate, which then covers the surface and forms the spring terrace. It is therefore one of the largest spring terraces in China. Baishuitai covers an area of 3 square kilometers and belongs to temperate climate with more rainfall. The temperate climate is characterized by cold winter and hot summer, with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 11.4℃. 

Best Time to Visit Baishuitai

The best time to visit Baishuitai is from February to April and September to November. Baishuitai is the birthplace of the Dongba culture. It is hot and rainy in summer. What’s more, the road conditions are not good. Meanwhile, it is easy to produce mudslides and falling rocks. Therefore, it is not recommended visitors to visit Baishuitai in summer. The scenery of Baishuitai is beautiful in spring, summer and autumn. Although the water volume in winter is not large, in the early morning, all terraces are icy. With the sunlight intensity, the ice surface is slowly thawed from bottom to top, crystal clear.

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