Bamei Village Shopping

The villagers keep the traditional handicrafts generation by generation. Travelers can buy their handicrafts, ethnic costume, agricultural products and local snacks in their special market. The local food are pollution-free and original. They must be healthy and favorable.

What to Buy in Bamei Village

Wenshan Zhuang Brocade And Embroidery文山壮锦

Zhuang Brocade is one of the four most famous brocades in China. There are two kinds of Zhuang Brocade: woven brocade and embroidered brocade. The woven brocade has vivid patterns and bright colours. It is strong and able to endure, and is usually used to make bedspread, hangings, bags and so on. The embroidered brocade is made by embroidering featured patterns on the cloth or on the woven brocade. It is colourful and charming.

Where to Buy in Bamei Village

On Mondays there is a market on the main road downstream at Fali village and then nearly all boats are used by all the villagers on their way to and from the market to buy and sell goods.


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