Binchuan County Accommodation

In Binchuan County, accommodation is convenient and comfortable. You can choose different hotels according to your requirements. 

Harbor Hotel(海湾大酒店)

Tel: (0872)3061788

Address: NO. 107 Jinchuan Road, Jinniu Town, Binchuan County, China

C0mment: The hotel has well-equipped basic facilities and perfect service system, and traffic is very convenient.

Jinhao Hotel(金豪酒店

Tel: (0872)7335018

Address: The middle of Jixiang Road, Binchuan County, China

C0mment: It is near to Binchuan Passengers Station, with convenient transportation and superior geographical position.

Yunshang Theme Hotel(云尚主题酒店)

Tel: (0872)7388388

Address: Nanyuan Road, Binchuan County, China

C0mment: The hotel has basic facilities and the price is very cheap.

Jizuyuan Guest House(鸡足缘客栈)

Tel: (0872)5323999

Address: Shazhi Village, Jizushan Town, Binchuan County, China

C0mment: It is near to Jizushan Moutain Scenic Spot. The room is clean and comfortable.

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