Cangyuan County Accommodation

Although Cangyuan is not well-known as some top popular tourist sites like Shangri-La, finding a cozy lodging place is not a problem. And the price is pretty reasonable compared to the hotels in other places. They are well located, which is convenient for guests to get to the tourist sites. You can also get a home stay in Wengding Village. It’s not as comfortable as the hotels in the county, but a special and money-saving stay.

Although there is no deluxe five-star and four-star hotel in Cangyuan, we choose several comfortable hotels for you to choose from.

1. Chinese name:沧源金佤大酒店

English name: Cangyuan Jinwa International Hotel

Address: The Middle of Laixi road (Beside the Monihei square), Mengdong town, Cangyuan county (勐董镇来希中段摸你黑广场旁)


2. Chinese name:沧源加林赛大酒店

English name: Cangyuan Jia Lin Sai Hotel

Address: The Middle of Sigangli Road, Cangyuan county(沧源县司岗里大道中段)


3. Chinese name:沧源门啰大酒店

English name: Cangyuan Mengluo Hotel

Address: Sigangli Road, Mengdong town, Cangyuan county(勐董镇司岗里大道)


4. Chinese name: 沧源银丰客栈

English name: Cangyuan Yinfeng Inn

Address: Sigangli Road (close to Public Security Bureau) 司岗里大道旁公安局后100米


5. Chinese name: 沧源欣成酒店

English name: Cangyuan Xincheng Hotel

Address: Paliang Village Secondary Road, Mengdong Town, Cangyuan County (怕良村二级路旁)

6. Chinese name: 临沧印象摸你黑商务大酒店

English name: Lingcang Impression Monihei Business Hotel

Address: The Middle of Sigangli Road, Cangyuan County(司岗里大道中段)


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