Cangyuan County Dining

There are a number of ethnic groups in Cangyuan, so the dish is rich and unique. The Dai and Wa dishes are the representative. Such as, Sour bamboo shoots (酸竹笋), Pickled Bull Tendon (牛筋肉), Chicken Mashed Rice(鸡肉烂饭), Water Wine (水酒), Zhanshui porridge(蘸水稀饭). You can enjoy yourself in Cangyuan.

Pickled Bull Tendon 牛筋肉

It is a very famous Dai dish. Cooking method: Scald the bull head and feet with boiling water and raze off the hair on the skin first, then burn them in fire. After that they are dunked in fresh cold water and razed again. After they are cleaned entirely, they are stewed for a long time until soft. Finally the bones are removed and the remains are minced and mixed with hot pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings. It is ready to eat after been preserved in a pottery vessel for about two weeks. Its tender, refreshing and sour taste arouses the eater's appetite.

Sour bamboo shoots 酸竹笋 

The Wa people like spicy food. If it lacks pepper, no matter how good the food is not so delicious. Sour bamboo shoot,(酸竹笋) and fermented soya beans(豆豉粑粑) are their favorite. Each year in Summer and autumn almost every family will  make Sour bamboo shoots. Sour bamboo shoot is edible all year round. Particularly in boiled fish and boiled crabs, sour Bamboo Shoot is indispensable ingredients.

Water Wine 水酒 

Water Wine is kind of low-alcohol liquor brewed  by Wa people. Due to the  rich nutrient, combined with a steely glycol and  pleasant taste, So it is Wa people's favorite drink. It is one of the important guests beverages. Festivals can without Distilleries but water wine liquor is indispensable in any case.

Chicken Mashed Rice 鸡肉烂饭

This special rice food is a great Wa dish for welcoming distinguished guests. Viewed both as a dish and a sort of staple food, it is softer than ordinary rice and drier than porridge. Two preparation methods – Hand Tearing Chicken Mashed Rice Method and Knife Chopping Chicken Mashed Rice Method are often applied. The two cooking method are very unique and have much in common. The newly harvested rice is stewed in a pot together with tender black bone chicken, many seasonings and vegetables like fennel leaves, green pepper, hot chili, Ahwa cilantro, shallot, garlic and mint are added to the rice. The ready mashed rice is bright in look and soft, sticky and smooth in taste .

Zhanshui porridge蘸水稀饭

The Zhanshui porridge also called “Meizui”(每最). The method to make the porridge: Put a small amount of rice combined with fresh Chinese cabbage, green Beans and chopsticks Beans, then add the right amount of salt. Put burned peppers, ginger, garlic, coriander and spring onion in a large bowl brewed with boiling water. When the temperatures is cooler then the Zhanshui (蘸水) porridge is finished.