Cangyuan County Shopping

The Wa ethnic minority is the largest minority group in Lincang and two thirds of the total Wa population of Yunnan live here. Wa villages and their handmade gifts and other crafts are attractive parts of a trip here.

Bold aromatic leaves
Bold aromatic leaves with a very high proportion of golden tips produced from the Yun Kang 10 cultivar, known for having a very sweet and malty character. Harvested in Yunnan's western Cangyuan county, these leaves can produce a rich, smooth and flavourful tea liquor with prominent notes of coco and malt.

Wa Ethnic Blankets 佤族毛毯
Wa ethnic blankets are traditional handicrafts in Lincang City, and the patterns on them vary from checkers, willow twigs and waves to vivid flowers and animals. Great efforts are needed to fabricate such decent blankets.

Wa ethnic satchels 佤族筒帕
Also named "Tongpa", Wa ethnic satchels are designed with lattices with red, yellow and black threads. Other decos on them include cross patterns made of grass, and tassels drooping at the bottom. A satchel is a must for each member of the Wa ethnic minority, no matter how old he or she is. When working in the fields or on mountain, Wa people use them to hold tobaccos, tea and even food--especially for lunch; while for the young, it is a token of love. A girl will make a satchel and give it to the boy she falls in love with.

Sour bamboo shoots 酸竹笋
The Wa people like spicy food. If it lacks pepper, no matter how good the food is not so delicious. Sour bamboo shoot (酸竹笋) and fermented soya beans (豆豉粑粑) are their favorite. Each year in Summer and autumn almost every family will make a couple of Sour bamboo shoots. sour bamboo shoot is edible all year round. Particularly boiled fish, boiled crabs, sour Bamboo Shoot is indispensable ingredients.

Yunxian Jizong Mushroom 鸡枞菌
The Cangyuan Jizong Mushroom is one of the top-class mushroom types and a rare product of the mountain. You can fry it with meat or ham, or fried it alone, or boil it, or make soup with it. No matter how you cook it, it always tastes fresh and amazing. It is known as "bacteria in the flower," "King of the bacteria".  It is a rare exotic and wonderful products, there are many benefits such as good for stomach, bring down blood viscosity, cure hemorrhoids and so on.

Water Wine 水酒
Water Wine is kind of low-alcohol liquor brewed by Wa people. Due to the rich nutrient, combined with a steely glycol and pleasant taste, So it is Wa people's favorite drink. It is one of the important guests beverages. When Festivals can without Distilleries but Water wine liquor is indispensable in any case.

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