Changning County Festivals and Events

The main festivals in Changning include Chaoshan Festival and Torch Festival of Yi, Water-splashing Festival of Dai, Millennium Tea Town Business and Culture Festival, etc. 

1.Chaoshan Festival朝山会

Chaoshan festival is kicked off on the 16th day of the 3rd lunar month at the Laoheipeng where is the junction of Changning County and Weishan County. A notable local person will lead the people to offer sacrifices to heaven and earth, ancestors, and then play songs on the mountain.

2. Torch Festival火把节

he Torch festival of Yi in Changning county is different from that in Yunnan province. Each Yi village will erect a torch next to "Miku Tree" that was planted to memorize a hero named Miku who was died with the beast to save the children. 

3.Water-splashing Festival泼水节

The Dai ethnic group celebrate their New Year Festival by with a number of cultural and social events of which the ceremony of Bathing the Buddha and the Water Festival where they splash water on each other. The wonderful ethnic food and elegant dance performances are prominent features of these celebrations.

4. Millennium Tea Town Business and Culture Festival千年茶乡商贸文化节

Every year from the end of October to the beginning of November, during this period, friends from all over the place gather in the Youdian, tasting tea, singing and dancing to celebrate this festival. 

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