Changning County Shopping

When you come to Changning, you will have a very happy shopping time. First of all, there is a big Square Market(四方街) where you can buy all kinds of foods, drinks, and articles for daily use. That’s perfect! Then, you can buy many specialties if you travel to Changning.

What to Buy in Changning

1.Water Collybia Albuminosa水鸡枞

The Water Collybia albuminosa is a specialty of Changning, which was known as natural delicacy. The Collybia albuminosa is not only chewy but also delicious, which is the can’t-miss delicacy.

2.Changning Walnut昌宁核桃

Changning county is the home of walnut first equipped nationally. It has a long cultivation history of over 2000 years of Xixiang walnut. And Changning is the headstream and main producing area of the Xixiang walnut nationally, its yield account for more than 90% of China. 

3.Changning Black Tea昌宁红茶

Changning Red Tea has a full shape and bright color and luster. It smells good and tastes well, a blast of perfume of li-sugar. What’s more important is that drinking Changning Black Tea always can bring you such benefits as heat-clearing and detoxifying effect,stomach functions, clearing liver and improving vision, bate blood-vessel,skin maintenance and so on.

4.Datianba Straw Sandals大田坝草鞋

Datianba township belongs to Changning county. Legend says that the sandaled feet was created by Han emperor Liubang(汉高祖刘邦), a person of virtue and ideals in Datianba township who followed Liubang to conquer the world got the skill of weaving the sandaled feet. After returning hometown, he imparted all the technique to his fellow villagers. So Datianba people could make sandaled feet since ancient times and it is extremely famous.

Where to Buy in Changning

1.Shenghua Specialty Store(盛华土特产经营部)

Add: No.181, Xingning Street, Changning County, Baoshan

Tel: 15911906917

2.Kaixin Specialty Sales Department(开心食品公司兰城路分公司土特产销售部)

Add: 100 m northeast to the intersection of Lancheng Road and Jianshe Road, Changning County, Baoshan

Tel: 13987517322

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