Chuxiong City Accommodation

We offers all kinds of hotels in Chuxiong City for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Chuxiong for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services.


Chuxiong Dian Jun Wang Hotel (楚雄滇菌王大酒店)
Address: In Dongsheng East Road of Yiren Old Town
Telephone: 0878-3877111

Chuxiong Yunhua Hotel (楚雄云华酒店)
Address: Next Chuxiong Passenger Bus Station
Telephone: 0878-3393888


Chuxiong Xiongbao Hotel (楚雄雄宝酒店)
Address: No.193, Lucheng East Road
Telephone: 0878-6161777

Chuxiong Xinlu Hotel (楚雄昕路大酒店)
Address: No.213, Fuhou Street
Telephone: 0878-6168555

Chuxiong Yingrong Hotel (楚雄赢融大酒店)
Address: No124, Xiongbao Road
Telephone: 0878-3862777


Chuxiong Yongxing Hotel (楚雄永兴大酒店)
Address: No.131, Lucheng North Road
Telephone: 08788-3391999

Chuxiong Jinxing Hotel (楚雄锦星大酒店)
Address: No.25, Fengsheng Road 
Telehone: 08783392888


Jingyue Hotel (憬悦酒店)
Address: No.118, Yanta Road 
Telephone: 0878-3167178

Chuxiong Miya Cultural Theme Hotel (楚雄米蕥文化主题酒店)
Address: No.610, Tuanjie Road 
Telephone: 0878-3166077