Chuxiong City Shopping

Chuxiong City is rich in natural resource and land resources, so it has nurtured many unique specialty products. We will tell you detailed information about Chuxiong local products.

What to Buy in Chuxiong City?

1. Dayao Walnut (大姚核桃)

The walnut of Dayao County has a long planting history, and features "large in size, thin shell, kernel in white, sweet flavor, high kernel ratio and rich nutrition".

2. Chuxiong Vermicelli (楚雄粉丝)

Every county is abundant in producing vermicelli. Chuxiong Vermicelli has more than one-hundred-year producing history, and has been well known since early years of the foundation of People's Republic of China.

3. Mouding Fermented Bean Curd (牟定腐乳)

Fermented tofu also called fermented bean curd, sufu, tofu cheese, or preserved tofu is a form of processed, preservedtofu used in East Asian cuisine as a condiment made from soybeans. The ingredients typically are soybeans, salt, rice wine and sesame oil or vinegar, and are sold in jars containing blocks 2- to 4-cm square by 1 to 2 cm thick soaked in brine with select flavorings.

4. Lufeng Aromatic Vinegar (禄丰香醋)

During the apocalyptic period of the Ming Dynasty, Lufeng was able to produce silk vinegar of good quality and easy to carry. It entered the palace court and was listed as a good meal. During the reign of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, Lufeng Aromatic Vinegar was listed as a famous and excellent product.

Where to Buy in Chuxiong City?

There are lots of shopping malls, specialty markets and stores in Chuxiong. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Yizhou Specialty Store (彝州特产)
    Address: No.18, Mudan Garden of Yiren Old Town
    Telephone: 0878-3150839

2. Yuanmou Specialty Store (元谋特产)
    Address: No.163, Longchuan Street 
    Telephone: 15288567337

3. Yunnan Specialty Store (云南特产)
    Address: No.48, Tuanjie North Road 
    Telephone: 15912936764

4. Chuxiong People's Shopping Mall (楚雄人民商场)
     Address: No.1, Lucheng South Roada of Lucheng Town
     Telephone: 0878-3123469

5. Chuxiong Xintiadi Commercial Pedestrian Street (楚雄新天地商业步行街)
    Address: Next Civil Hostel of Lucheng Town
    Telephone: 0878-3127388

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