Dali Ancient Town Dining

People who take a tour to Dali Old Town never forget to taste the food in Dali Old Town. As a city having various Chinese ethnic minorities, the local food is different from the one in other places. They are also the top recommended ones to tourists who will be or have been in Dali Old Town.

What to Eat

1.Sand-pot Fish(砂锅鱼)

Sand-pot fish (shā guō yú 砂锅鱼) is a famous local dish of Dali. Put slender chicken and more than ten seasonings like dried mushrooms into the sand-pot. Then add some bow fish or carp caught in Erhai Lake into the pot. Stew them slowly. The tourists can taste sand-pot fish on the yachts or in all the restaurants in Dali or Xiaguan. Sand-pot fish is 20 yuan every pot. One pot is enough for three to four people. It is really delicious.

2.Er Kuai

Er Kuai is one of the most conventional local foods, a rice-based dish. The rice is first washed, soaked, stewed and then mashed into a paste, before being molded into various lumps, slices and shreds. It is usually grilled over burning charcoals with a sugar, walnut, or sesame filling.


Rushan is made of the local milk of cows. Because the shape likes inclined, it is called Rushan. The Rushan is not only tasty, but also with rich nourishment.

4.Dali Bittern Duck

This is a top choice among tourists. Fresh duck is served after some ten steps. The dish is golden with soft flavor. It is wholesome to people.

5.Dali Rice Cake

During the Spring Festival, people in Dali often eat rice cakes which are a traditional delicacy. It’s sliced, mixed with ham slices, pickled vegetables, and hot peppers, and then it’s fried with pig fat and seasoned with sugar and sauce. At last, soft and tasty rice cakes are made.

6.Roasted Bean Curd

Roasted bean curd is a tasty local snack. It’s made from high quality soybeans. Though it smells not good, it is very delicious when you taste it. Roasted on a steel net by a charcoal fire, and seasoned with spiced salt water, hot pepper powder, and Chinese ash oil, the snack is crisp and fresh.

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