Feilaisi Culture

Ethnic Groups

The ethnic groups in Deqin County include 12 ethnic groups, including Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi, Bai, Hui, Yi, Zhuang, Miao, Hani, Nu, Yi and Pumi.

Ethnic Townships

  • Xiaruo Lisu Township (霞若傈僳族乡), Deqin County, Diqing, Yunnan
  • Tuoding Lisu Township (拖顶傈僳族乡), Deqin County, Diqing, Yunnan

Ethnic Culture

From the beginning to the end of the year, there are over twenty festivals of a year for Tibetans. The festivals are the period for people to get together, dancing and singing. Traditional festivals mostly have relationship with religion, and now the festivals also celebrated for folk-custom and entertainment.

Ethnic Festivals

The most famous Tibet Festivals are Tibetan New Year, Butter Lamp Festival, Great Prayer Festival, Saga Dawa, Shoton Festival, Horse Racing Festival, Bathing Festival, Onkor/Harvest Festival and so on. For Tibetans, the biggest event should be the Inner Pilgrimage and the Outer Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is the custom of Tibetan people, it’s an act of religious observance and respect for nature, undertake a pilgrimage on foot around some sacred places like a mountain, a lake or a temple.

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