Fengqing County Accommodation

Fengqing county is a small and kind of remote, but ancient and pretty place. It is not well-known, but the environment is good and the air is fresh. It is still waiting to be developed, but the accommodation is convenient there. You can find a place to check in easily because Fengqing is a very small county.

       1. Dianhong Hotel (滇红大酒店)

          Address: One Road of Fengshan Town (凤城一号路)

          Tel: 0883-4691777

      2. Fengqing Renshan Zhishui Tea Manor(凤庆仁山智水茶庄园)

           Address:Dianhong Ecological Industrial Park, Fengshan Town, Fengqing county (凤庆县凤山镇滇红生态产业园区)         

      3. Shunxin Business Hotel(顺鑫商务酒店)

          Address: Dianhong South Road (滇红南路)

      4. Fengqing Mingmen Tea House(凤庆茗门茶楼)

          Address: Green Garden, beside the traffic light (凤庆县绿花园红绿灯旁)

          Tel:  0883-4263737

      5. Shunfeng Business Hotel(顺风商务酒店)

          Address: Dianhong North Road, beside Juncheng Housing Estate(滇红北路郡城小区旁)

          Tel: 0883-4261266

      6. Shunning Hotle(顺宁酒店)

          Address: Fengwu Road(50 meter away from Fengqing Station)


      7. Fengqing Jiaheng hotel(嘉恒大酒店)

          Address: South of Dianhong Road