Fengqing County Photos

There are both human landscape and natural landscape in Fengqing. Here are a list of tourist attractions. If you are curious, check the photo gallery to know them in advance. You may be surprised for what you see in the photo gallery.

  1. Fengqing Confucian Temple(凤庆文庙)
  2. The Lushi Ancient Town(鲁史古镇)
  3. Xiaowan Dam(小湾电站) 
  4. Gumo village(古墨村)
  5. Fengshan Martyr Cemetery(凤山烈士墓园)
  6. The Stone Temple(石洞寺)
  7. Jinxiu King of Tea in Fengqing(锦绣茶王)
  8. Wanxiang Temple(万祥寺)