Fengqing County Shopping

Agriculturally, Fengqing county mainly plant tea and walnut. Fengqing county have a good reputation of "the Hometown of Dianhong Black Tea in the World". You can buy pure Dianhong black tea here.

Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea

Formed by the combination of big-leafred broken black tea, the approved products include Leaf tea, Broken tea, Fanning tea and Dust tea four types, and 11 kinds of patterns and colors. The production of Dianhong black tea uses fine Yunnan big-leaf tea, then through the procedure of withering, rolling or kneading, fermenting, baking before finishing. what is most important is that its flavor and style is unique and distinctive.

Fengqing Tea leaf(茶叶)

There is a place called Dasi(大寺) in Fengqing county. It has a history of tea planting about four or five hundred years. It is one of the main raw material producing areas of Fengqing Dianhong black tea and the refined green tea. Especially famous for the production of green tea, it is the world famous green tea raw material and production base.

Fengqing Walnuts

Fengqing county has a history of more than 500 years of walnut planting. The bubble walnut is famous for its large fruit, thin skin, thick flesh, white kernel, good smell. As of July 2012, the county had cultivated an area of 1.44 million mu of walnuts, covered all the towns in the county. Walnuts have become an important industry for farmers to increase wealth.

Fenggqing Jizong Mushroom(鸡枞)

The Jizong Mushroom is one of the top-class mushroom types and a rare product of the mountain. You can fry it with meat or ham, or fried it alone, or boil it, or make soup with it. No matter how you cook it, it always tastes fresh and amazing.