Fumin County Accommodation

Fumin County is famous for its cherry and apple orchard. With the lowest hotel rates in town, Yunnan Exploration offers various lodging options and perfect accommodations in Fumin for you, with Henson Hotel. 

We guarantee you a secure and efficient reservation of accommodation with the affordable price of  hotels in the Fumin County. Hotels are easy to review via our website www.yunnanexploration.com, equipped with convenient search tools and extensive hotel information. 

Here are some hotels we provide for your reference.

Hotel Name


Telephone Number


Union Hotel(联盟大酒店)

10 Wenchang Road in Fumin County


The surrounding environmental    is good and service  quality is excellent.

Ouyi Hotel(欧逸酒店)

12 Fuxin Road in the town of Yongding in Fumin


The price is cheap and the surrounding transportation is convenient.

Pearl Hotel (明珠宾馆)

Opposite the Xiaobo’s Restaurant in Yongding Street


The hotel has an advantageous location coordinated with well-equipped basic facilities and perfect service system.

Dingsheng Business Hotel(鼎盛商务酒店)

Next to Qianbaidu KTV in Huancheng South Road


The hotel is very comfortable.

Pinchen Hotel(品臣宾馆)

At the junction of Daying Street and Yingxing North Road


The price is cheap and service staffs’ attitudes are kind.

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