Fumin County Administrative Divisions

Fumin County has jurisdiction over 2 towns and 5 townships (including 1 ethnic township):Fumin County administers Yongding Town(永定镇),Daying Town(大营镇),Chilu Villag(赤鹭乡),Yongding Town(永定镇) Luomian Yi Nationality and Miao Nationality Village(罗免彝族苗族乡), Sandan Village(散旦乡), Kuanzhuang Village(款庄乡), Dongcun Village(东村乡).

Ethnic Festivals
Ethnic minorities play an important role in Fumin culture with nearly 26 ethnic minority groups living in Kunming. Here are many attractive traditional festivals worth taking part in like Torch Festival.

The Torch Festival

It is widely celebrated by the Bai and Yi ethnic people scattering around Yunnan. The Torch Festival annually: Yi on lunar 24 June (11 August on Julian calendar), Bai on 25 June (12 August on Julian calendar).