Fumin County Education

At the end of 2012, there were 7 middle schools in fumin county with 6,855 students, 2,114 graduates and 442 full-time teachers. There were 26 primary schools with 1,1962 students, 1992 graduates and 797 full-time teachers. There were 36 kindergartens with 5,356 children (including 508 children in the attached kindergarten class) and 202 full-time teachers. Primary school age population enrollment rate was 99.89%, gross enrollment rate was 111.05%. The gross enrollment rate of school-age population in junior middle school was 106.63%, and the gross enrollment rate of three-year preschool was 93.38%.

We provide you with some key schools in  Fumin.

School Name


Telephone Number

Fumin Yongding Primary School(富民永定小学)

7 Huancheng West Road in Yongding Street Office  


Fumin Yongding Central Primary School(富民永定中心小学)

3 Jiafeng Road in the town of Yongding


Fumin Kuanzhuang Central Primary School(富民款庄小学)

Xiangma Street in Kuanzhuang Township in Fumin


Fumin Daying Central Primary School(富民大营小学)

2 Daying Street in Daying Street Office


Xiyi Primary School(西邑小学)

3 Zhongxiyi Road in Fumin County


Yuanshan Primary School(元山小学)

Majunying Road in Yongding Street Office


Fumin No.1 Middle school(富民县第一中学)

Wenming Village in the town of Yongding  in Fumin


Fumin Sadan Middle School(富民县散旦中学)

Sandan Village Committee in Sandan Township and Shuanglong Village in Fumin


Funmin Dongcun Middle School(富民县东村中学)

Dongcun Village Committee in Dongcun Township and Laojie Village in Fumin


Fumin Xiaankuan Middle School(富民县款庄中学)

Reshui Village Committee in Xiankuanzhuang Township and Lizish Village in Fumin


Fumin Chijiu Middle School(富民县赤就中学)

Yongfu Village Committee in Chijiu Township and Zhengyi Village in Fumin


Fumin No.2 Middle School(富民县第二中学)

Bei Village Committee in Luomian Township in Fumin


Fumin Daying Middle School(富民县大营中学)

16 Daying Street in the town of Daying in Fumin


Fumin Qinlao Middle School(富民县勤劳中学)

Daxinshan Village in the town of Yongding in Fumin



Fumin Yongding Middle School (富民县永定中学)

7 Huancheng South Road in the town of Yongding in Fumin


Yunnan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Professional School


Yongding Street Office in Fumin County


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