Fumin County Shopping

What to buy in Fumin County?


Fumin County is famous for it's fruit production.When you visit Fumin, the best products to bring with you is freshly picked fruit: cherries in spring,waxberry in summer, apples in autumn, and peach in winter. 

2.Wild Fungus

Also, Yunnan people love to eat edible wild fungus, and you can buy then in Fumin County during rainy season starting form late May to August.


Fumin County’s yam is a popular health food for modern people. Commom yam rhizome is widely cultivated bu Fumin County’s farmers. It has high nutritional value.

4.Qingyun handicrafts

Fumin County began to produce Qingyun handicrafts in 1997. Their products have been awarded the first prize of the Spring City Cup Tourism Commodity development and Design Competition for 5 consecutive years. These designs are exquisitely made and in variety of shapes and forms, with a high value of appreciation and collection.

Where to buy?

Fumin Jiufeng Strawberry Base cultivates strawberries that are big, sweet and nutritious.It is located at the center of the connecting point between the two gates of Wu Kun high-speed and Luomian, and close to the 108 National Road (Kunlu highway). It is only 7 minutes from the town of Fu Min County to here. The traffic is very convenient.

Fumin County has a lot of agritainments, you can buy some farm products you want to buy at one of them.

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