Fuyuan County Dining

Fuyuan food is famous for its flavor, and there are some famous dish for people to have a taste.

1. Fuyuan sheep pot(富源全羊汤锅):

The smell sperad two provinces, focusing on a "full" word-the whole sheep in one pot. Mutton sheep pot set plants essence, a sheep's treasure, this gesture a taste of the feast.

Fuyuan sheep pot

2. Fuyuan pig knuckle(富源酸菜猪脚):

in Fuyuan County, Qujing city of Yunnan Province, the characteristics of Food. Fuyuan pickled pig is a delicious food, nutrient rich, suitable for the majority of the population, with a lot of therapeutic effect, pickled cabbage crisp acidity, and pig's feet, also feel great.

Fuyuan pig knuckle

3. Pickled cabbage(富源酸菜):

Fuyuan is on behalf of the pickled cabbage as a local specialty, is its unique taste and the method of making out of the ordinary.

Fuyuan Pickled cabbage