Fuyuan County Tours Packages

Fuyuan county tour is quite interesting and different, and you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also take part in various special ethnic activities during your trip. Fuyuan county is a good place to have a red culture tour. There are some wonderful attractions for people to visit, which are Kuantang Martyrs Monument of The Red Army, Laoniuchang Cemetery of Martyrs, Zhangjiadong Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Garden, Huangnihe Revolutionary Martyrs Monument and Fucun Martyrs’Cemetery. There are some historic scenic spots for people to know about Fuyuan county. If people want to know about the Shui ethnic minority, there is a Shui ethnic town, Gudan Shui Ethnic Town, for people to visit. Fuyuan county tour is very convenient for people who travel around Guizhou province and Qujing city or other counties in Qujing, since it borders Pan County of Guizhou Province in the east, Qilin district in the west, Luoping County in the south and Xuanwei City in the north.

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