Gejiu Overview

Gejiu overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction of Gejiu City. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Gejiu.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Gejiu

• Chinese Name: 个旧市

• Keywords: Tin Capital of China

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 1587 square kilometers

• Population: 384363

• Zip Code: 661000

• Area Code: 0873

Geographical Location

Gejiu lies in the south of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. Its geographic coordinate is between 102°54′-103°25′ east longitude and 23°01′-23°36′ north latitude. Its urban area with the altitude of 1688 meters, is located between Yin mountain and Yang mountain. Gejiu covers an area of 1587 square kilometers, with the highest altitude of 2740 meters and lowest altitude of 150 meters.


Gejiu enjoys subtropical highland monsoon climate. Rainfall in winter is much less than summer. Annual average temperature is 16.4℃, the coldest monthly average temperature(in January) is 10.1℃ and the hottest month(in July) is 20.5℃. Annual rainfall is 1139 mm on average. Gejiu is called "one of the livable cities".

The Best Time to Visit Gejiu

Most of places in Honghe prefecture enjoy the subtropical monsoon climate, annual average temperature is 15℃-22.6℃. Try to avoid the moist and hot summer, the best time to travel is spring, autumn and winter. Especially in winter, with clear and temperate weather, tourists can go to Yuanyang and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace. 

Administrative Divisions

By the end of 2012, Gejiu has jurisdiction over 1 street district, 7 towns, 2 townships. Chengqu Street城区街道, Xicheng Town锡城镇、Shadian Town沙甸镇、Jijie Town鸡街镇、Datun Town大屯镇、Laochang Town老厂镇、Kafang Town卡房镇, Manhao Town蔓耗镇, Jiasha Township贾沙乡 and Baohe Township保和乡.

Ethnic Groups

Gejiu City is dominated by Han nationality and 12 ethnic minorities. More than 120,000 ethnic minorities people live in Gejiu City for generations. Ethnic minorities include Yi, Zhuang, Hui, Miao, Dai, Hani and other 6 minorities.

Top Attractions

There are attractions in Gejiu including Baohua Park, Laoyin Mountain, Honghe Cycad Nature Reserve, Gejia Forest Park, Lvshuihe Tropical Rainforest and Yashadi Hot Spring, Baofenglong Trade Shop, Heimajing Tomb of Han Dynasty and Tangdian Site of Neolithic Culture, Jinhu Lake, etc. In addition, if you are interested in mosques of Yunnan, Gejiu Could be a good choice for you. There are many mosques like Shadian Grand Mosque, Baifangzi Mosque, Lianhuatang Mosque and so on.


You have two ways to get in Gejiu, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses are available, but not for non-stop trains. If you want to take train, you are supposed to transfer in Mengzi. Besides, Mengzi airport is under plan and construction.

Recommended Hotels in Gejiu

1. Yunxi Hotel云锡宾馆

Address: No.121, Jinhu East Road, Gejiu个旧市金湖东路121号

Tel: 0873-3119655 

Starting Price: 200 CNY

2. Century Square Hotel世纪广场酒店

Address: Zhongshan Road, Gejiu个旧市中山路

Tel: 0873-2168888

Starting Price: 317 CNY

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